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Tea Is a natural drink with a variety of health functions, is the world’s one of three traditional beverages. Modern scientific research shows that tea contains more than 450 kinds of organic compounds, more than 15 kinds of inorganic minerals. Our ancestors have long recognized that tea drinking can be physical illnesses, physical grass outline, “it reads:” Tea for the medicine of all diseases. ” Recent studies have revealed that tea has anti-inflammatory inhibition, lower blood lipids, blood glucose and blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-radiation, anti-cancer and other medicinal value. Experts assert that the world’s drink, drink the 21st century will be Tea .

Abroad to tea as the raw material to develop the bottles, cans, boxes and a series of very popular drink. Japan’s total tea Beverage market 16.8%, while the country known as the “national drink,” said tea beverage market accounts for only 2% of per capita consumption in 1994 to only 300g, the equivalent of the British per capita consumption is only 1 / 10, Turkey 1 / 7. Therefore, the tea beverage series development, will be the focus of national development in the direction of the beverage industry. Tea drinks in the development process, turbidity sedimentation problem is more difficult technical issues. After practice, the adoption of appropriate measures can avoid the formation of muddy sediments.

1. Raw materials and equipment Oolong tea, tea, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Security native plant produced; sucrose, citric acid, protein sugar Benzoic acid Sodium are commercially available food grade; pectinase, Fuzhou production.

Sandwich pot, hot and cold tanks, diatomite filter, plate and frame heat exchangers, high temperature instant sterilization, aseptic filling Sealing machine .

2. Process Provide juice tea Filter diluted to clarify the deployment filling sealing sterilization finished product inspection.

This process is mainly directed against 550mL of PET bottled drinks designed. If foreign Package Change process should be adjusted accordingly.

3. Operation points (1) provide juice than tea and water once provided by 1:80 juice, it will filter residue was then put 1:50 secondary juice than tea, juice raised the temperature control (90 1) , suitable time for 5min.

(2) to clarify the additions is 7.5 10E-5 of the clarifying agent pectinase, standing for 5h, and the optimum conditions for pectinase pH value of 3 to 5, the temperature is 40 ~ 50 .

(3) filtering the juice after clarification, filtration with diatomaceous earth as filter aid, diatomite normal dosage of 0.2% in the first coating to add a good filter aid filtration pre-coating, cloth to avoid blockage.

(4) dilution, the deployment will generally be sterile juice soft water with 2-fold diluted, further redeployment, deployment of a tea beverage with rich flavor, sweet and sour, bright and transparent.

(5) sterilization sterilization method using the second, the first tank in the hot and cold heat (90 1) sterilization 30min, followed by the material through the plate and frame heat exchanger temperature to 100 or more, instant access to high-temperature sterilization a guarantee of sterilization temperature of 135 , the maintenance of 20s.

(6) filling and sealing to ensure that under sterile conditions, can not cause secondary pollution.
4. Phenomena

(1) the characteristics of oolong tea drinks beverage filling and sealing after 1 day 2 days clear, color, smell and taste good, but after 3 days to 5 days after the filament began settling floc and gradually increased over time, formed when the full bottle of muddy grave. BOLA TANGKAS