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Same supermarket Sell Of pure water, and some purchase price is 12 yuan / each (24 bottles), some only 8 yuan, or even less. You Sha difference? Water plant in Daqing city manager is responsible for troops told reporters: Some recycled waste water plant Plastic bottles After the processing of re-use, not just the price of bottled water is low, the quality of cause for concern.

To find out the old plastic bottles suddenly become Drinks Packaging of “inside information”, the reporter took a few days, the months from Daqing, tracking to the ACE, and Interrupted to Harbin … …

A tracking goods to the ACE

3 11 morning, reporters followed the rejection of a push tricycle buyers and forth in the streets of the city of Daqing, until 14 pm, only now to the first destination?? Dongfeng Village a salvage station and watched him to sell the scrap car collection stations.

B to Kazakhstan to find the source bottle

Next morning, the reporter went to waste collection stations Dunshou. Shortly after, a truck entered the waste collection stations, the staff will fill clean water bottle, Beverages Bottles, plastic bags fitted with large trucks. A few minutes later, trucks left the collection stations.

Reporter tracking the development of village development Anda truck came to a grinding unit in the factory plastic bottles. Viewed from afar, where the highest “building”, is a plastic bottle washed the hill.

After entering the plant, workers in the area of several hundred square meters, “Bottle Hill” under the busy, some of them are classified according to the color of the bottle, some sucked the bottle has been pulled plant classification. Plant in front of hundreds of bags filled within the recycling bottle and already classified material had been crushed.

Time, workers discovered a reporter. That reporters come to purchase materials, the workers will press into a hut in the plant brought before the boss.

“What do you buy materials to use?”

“Blowing mineral water bottles.”

“What color? Blue or white?”

“Pure white, where do you preform child?”

“I do not do sub-preform (PET Raw material Processed through the state, which then processed by the formation of pure water bottles), but from what I pick up a lot of people here, you have to do with, I know what you expected. “

“To pull materials are used to blowing people’s?” Asked. “They used to make Pizi. Play Pizi and blowing is not a factory, and sold to the general thing is to play Pizai blowing, but most of all their blowing water plant.”

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed some of the nearby point after the processing of waste plastics that repurchase, plastic bottle recycling has certain technological threshold, largely concentrated in some areas around the city of Harbin. Moreover, in Harbin City, South Xun Street, some of the shops will be able to buy sub-preforms.

15 morning, we arrived in Harbin City, South Xun Street. More than an hour, reporters visited dozens of stores were not inquire into the whereabouts of child preforms.

Just about to give up looking for it, a press contact on an open plastic factory owner Wang, and led him down to the plant. Open the iron gate, the two men walked warily to the news. Wong explained to them, the other party was relaxed.

Reporter saw in this building, residential buildings, filled with Yi Pidai child, two women in a room the size of 20 square meters, respectively, operating with a machine. In the corner of the room, there is a 1 meter square container, which has been broken there are some waste and some PET particles.