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Orchid Tieguanyin News: In the recently concluded first Hong Kong International Exhibition on tea, from Anxi County Unity Anxi Tieguanyin participating enterprises and organizations, businessmen and from the United States, European Union, Africa and Middle East buyers signed a 220 million Tea Purchase and sale agreement, to become the biggest winner in Fujian exhibitors.

Recent years, the tea had emerged a large number of Tie Guan Yin Anxi brands. With the increasingly competitive market, the enterprises have to seek Tieguanyin brand differentiation Marketing Strategy, it is proved that “one does not make a spring, spin and reel.”

Variety of brand marketing strategy Hill Country Arts

drink: tea industry’s first Franchise mode

Orchid Tieguanyin www.lxtgy.cn Institute learned: Direct and has been franchising businesses are keen to two tea business model, and known as “tea industry dark horse,” the national drink of mountain arts are inventive, successfully opened a tea industry to join a unique franchise model in just three years the leap to join the development to more than 200 stores.

About the history, Shan Yi national drink tea rather LIN Yu Hui, chairman of the board said with emotion, the South is the birthplace of tea, Taiwanese is the home of Tieguanyin of tea Some of the emerging enterprises, the market share has been relatively constant, it is difficult to kill from the tight encirclement of way through. Orchid Tieguanyin. How to find a breakthrough? In particular, liked to read history books like to watch LIN Yu Hui, from the Red Army’s approach, the strength of the enemy forces transferred to the most vulnerable areas surrounding the cities from the countryside, starting from the second-tier cities, stable power, then, “surrounded by” front-line cities.

2006, the LIN Yu Hui, and his Hill Country Arts decisive start drinking, “long march”, the battlefield shifted to the north, from the second-tier cities in Central China began a national expansion of the road to the Nov. 2009, joined the company’s total reached 200 many.

“Each entered a city where the brand should influence fasten down the national drink of mountain arts at the local position.” LIN Yu Hui, summed up the experience joining the chain, said, “many cities shop, a small city to open big store This chain distribution know-how. ” Three Strategies

break the bottleneck Anxi County, according to county party secretary Li Jianhui introduced tens of thousands of tea shops in Quanzhou, the Anxi people open more than 60%. To the end of 2008, Anxi county tea production Bizeng 14%, 21.8% of output value Bi Zeng, tea garden area of the county to 60 mu, total output 60,000 tons, involving tea industry output value 6,500,000,000 yuan. Currently, Anxi County, a total of five well-known trademarks of tea, the famous trade mark eight, well-known trade marks 22, and enter the “2008 China Trademark County Development hundred county” list, ranking No. 73.

Li Jianhui, said the biggest feature is the Anxi Tie Guan Yin, is the tea industry. But there is still the local tea industry has extensive business entities both dispersion; County outside Tieguanyin rapid increase in production and the phenomenon of counterfeiting, a serious threat to certification marks, geographical indication image; tea Sell Market management in place, Package Identity is not complete, quality and grade of non-standard, over-packing, driving up the price of tea phenomenon and so on.

This, Li Jian-hui put forward the “worry, dream, play” Three Strategies for the development of tea industry: First, do not know how to think to understand hardship, and second, dare to think in a dream, third, do not dare to think Yong play.

Talking about the first thought, the Higher Education in Britain, said Anxi tea now very successful, but not an easy success, only embrace a sense, the development will have the motivation and sense of urgency.

Kenneth Li said the next Anxi County, the county government will continue to promote inter Tieguanyin brand system, increase the Anxi Tieguanyin that trademark licensing efforts, handling special permit for more than 80 companies, Orchid Tie Guan Yin, strictly enforced ” Anxi Tieguanyin geographical indication symbol use and management of special measures “to strengthen the special flag system service platform security check and improve Anxi Tieguanyin use of geographical indication-specific effects of signs outside, will purchase in the tea business in the implementation of the establishment of acceptance and purchase sales accounting system from the source outside the county Cha Cha Du posing as “Anxi tieguanyin” behavior.