Organic Clothing-the World Is Going Green

There has been a lot of concern about ecology and our environment in the last few years in the wake of growing pollution in all spheres of life. There has been a conscious effort to adapt to a pollution free world whether it is fuel, housing, food, and even clothing. Yes, the world is going greener. Organic clothing is an endeavor to go back to clothes that are produced with organically produced material, avoiding man made materials. Some of the materials that are used for such type of clothing are wool, hemp, cotton, and bamboo. These are considered to be eco friendly as they do not cause any harm to our environment, especially the earth, air or water.

While growing materials for making organic clothing, special emphasis is laid on not using pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Instead, help of beneficial bacteria and insects such as ladybug is taken so that the material is totally safe for the environment and for use by people.

Clothing is that part of our life which remains in contact with our bodies, especially skin for majority of time in a day. Even when we go to bed we are wearing something or the other and hence it can be said safely that we remain in contact with clothes almost 24 hours a day. To prevent any harm to the people from coming in contact with clothes that are made using toxic materials, the word organic was coined and clothes were manufactured with materials produced organically. It is a fact that the first thing that comes to mind when the word organic is used is food. But certainly there are more ways to remain in touch with nature, and organic clothing is a step in that direction.

It is a fact that more pollution is caused by clothing industry than any other industry as so many harmful chemicals and substances are used in making countless varieties of apparels. All sorts of pesticides are used in growing cotton without caring about the environment. We tend to think that these pesticides do not affect us as cotton is not a food item to be taken internally but we forget that all these pollutants are thrown in water thus causing incalculable harm to our water supply. When producing materials organically, special care is taken to avoid all sorts of toxic materials and pesticides so that the material is eco friendly, and the clothes produce from it are also absolutely safe for human population. Even when dyeing these organically produced clothes, care is taken not to use any synthetic dyes and only natural plant extracts and other herbs are used to produce colorful clothing.

Today, there is a growing demand of this type of clothing in the market as people have grown conscious of the harmful effects of synthetically produced clothes as also the harm done to the environment in producing these clothes. The number of manufacturers and marketers of organic clothing is also increasing to fulfill the demands of the people. Especially for babies, people prefer to use organic clothing as their skin is soft and delicate.