Organically Conceived Thinking and Writing

Not everyone enjoys reading information and reference packed sentences, and if you throw in too many references too quickly, most people that can understand all that you are saying will not enjoy reading it, it makes them think too much. This is rather interesting because the same folks might click on 100 different links online in the matter of an hour or two, and yet when they find a ton of information in one place in a few sentences, an entire group of thoughts, they find it too much to take in.

Not long ago, an acquaintance read just such an informational packed mini-paragraph and he told the writer; “Another well- and organically-received point, keep it up buddy. I’ll gladly consume all you care to produce in this regard.”

Perhaps you feel this way too, I know I do. Still, most people are not so keen on such writing, especially the internet crowd, so you’ll turn on a few people, but turn off the masses if you write like that too much. As a writer, I do enjoy creating such work and let me explain why, as perhaps you might learn something and add it to your base of knowledge?

You see, that type of writing is enjoyable to write and the sentences, well they are indeed fun to put together, but the reason I don’t do it often in my online writing is that most people don’t get it, so it runs over their heads. I am happy when some readers appreciate it, because my mind works like that sometimes, unusually when I get tired. And because I see the world as “all” as one, stream of consciousness, like Virginia Woolf, but with punctuation; it is fun to slip into that kind of thinking, it levels out the spikes and the “Ah ha” moments, stuck between N400 Brain “Rouge” Waves.

The problem is when the brain gets firing from all directions, and you cannot write fast enough to get it all down, well, at least it is an enjoyable experience, even if you cannot share it all at the speed it’s produced. My theory on this is that your mind runs around scanning all the directories and categories, associations where you’ve stored memory or burned events, people, places, and concepts into permanent status. And all this stuff pops up, and you choose what’s suitable or what isn’t.

It seems it is a way the brain communicates with itself between hemispheres, but only works like that when it’s relaxed or you send commands which require both sided thinking. Not sure if everyone’s brain works the same, my thinking is “NO” and that the owner of the brain can train it to work anyway he wants it too, but it is capable of nearly anything.

What triggers such writing? Here is my theory, something one reads or sees triggers an “anomaly” or a red flag. Like “It rained all day the night I left, the weather it was dry.” And your mind says whoops, something is not right, that last word was unexpected semantically. Some people just read the words without thinking. These days, I’ve come to the point; I cannot read a research paper without dreaming up 3-new potential future applications for the data rendered.

And so, if your mind occasionally works like this, and you cannot turn off the flow of innovation or creativity, then let it rip, then send me what you wrote and we can analyze it and consider how to find tune this awesome ability of yours. Anyway, please think on this.