Organizing Tips For Working Women – It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Wardrobe

When the seasons change, it’s a good time to look over your clothes. Here’s how you can bring organizing to your wardrobe. The cool, brisk evenings are here and the days shorten by minutes every day. Soon the leaves will be changing colors and falling from the branches they called home all their lives. It’s time to pull out the turtlenecks, sweaters and sweat pants to fight off the cooler days ahead.

OK. Enough sugar-coating. Winter is coming. Deal with it. It happens every year so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just as the new season comes upon us, so too should the switching of your wardrobe. If you don’t take the time to store your summer clothes and bring out the winter duds (and vice versa) each year, now might be a great time to start.

Wardrobe issues are a prevalent problem, especially out-of-control wardrobes that lead to stuffed closets. If this sounds like you, let me pass on a few tips that can change your clothing life.

At the beginning of each season when you switch clothes, put all of the hangers in your closet backwards, from back to front. As you wear clothes, put them back in the correct front-to-back way. At the end of the season, the hangers that are still backwards should give you a clue as to what you can donate.

Every day, you probably skim over the same clothes in your closet that still don’t fit, are still uncomfortable, still need to be altered, still have a stain that won’t come out, or are still out of style. Why not take the time to make choices about what you really want to keep and will realistically wear? Then donate the clothes you no longer need or want.

If you have enough shoes to outfit a millipede, it may be time to bite the bullet. My first thought is to downsize the number of shoes you have. After all, you can only wear one pair at a time! However, knowing this may not be a viable (or tolerable) solution for many of you, let me suggest a picture. Place each pair of shoes on a black or white towel with one shoe facing forward and other showing the side. Take a digital or Polaroid picture, print it, cut it and tape it on the outside of the box.

Invest in a few under-the-bed storage containers to store the off-season items. These are inconspicuous, easy to use, and practical.

Check with your local community to see where to take the clothes you no longer need or want. Better yet, find out which charities will pick them up at your house.

If you have ever experienced the phenomenon that clothes shrink when you put them in a closet (who knew?), try the One IN – one OUT rule. When you buy something new, immediately go home and donate something old. Keep a flow in your life.

So what you are you waiting for? Schedule the time to switch your wardrobe this weekend. It’s time. It only takes a few hours, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be in control of your wardrobe-instead of your wardrobe controlling you!