Original Confederate Flags For Your Collection or Movie and Stage Props

Original Confederate Flags For Your Collection or Movie and Stage Props

Confederate Flags, http://www.replica-blankguns.com are a symbol of many things. The Flag American symbolizes freedom, individuality, and personal sacrifice. That’s one of the reasons why so many people want to own their own version of this symbol and display it proudly in their homes and businesses for others to see and appreciate as well. The flag, of course, also shows patriotism and pride in the country. For those in the South, the Confederate Flag, http://www.replica-blankguns.com/flags/confederate-flag is also a symbol of pride that is sometimes displayed. While Confederate Flags, http://www.replica-blankguns.com/flags/may be a bit more controversial than the American one, high quality versions of both are available for sale online.

History of Confederate Flags

Even many people who display these flags are unaware of their interesting history. For example, they may not know that the flag associated with the Confederacy today was never officially a Confederate Union Flag. The Southern states, including Kentucky and Georgia, designed and adopted many different official flags during the four years of the Civil War. Many of them were quite unique. The first of these was even known as the Stars and Bars.

The modern Union Confederate Flag actually was used by different units in the Confederate Army but was never one of the official flags of the Confederate government. Why it became the lasting symbol may never be fully known but at least the flag reminds those who display it of the states that joined their cause. Chances are good this particular flag won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Opting for the Confederate Flag

While the traditional flag of the United States doesn’t seem very controversial, the same cannot be said for Confederate Union Flags. Because of their association with slavery and with inequality, some people argue they shouldn’t be allowed to be displayed. However, part of what makes the country great is that all of these symbols can be shown and can be used as part of people’s freedom of expression.

Even though the Union Confederate Flags can be used symbols of negative things, it can also be a symbol of Southern pride and of supporting strong states rights. Just by displaying the flag, many are showing their support for the First Amendment that guarantees their right to display it. With the help of online sites, more people can purchase their own flag of this type and display it for whatever reason they desire. That’s their right.

Buying the Confederate War Flag

Finding the right Confederate States Flags can be challenging. Not every place sells them, especially in the Northern states that were part of the Union during the Civil War. However, anyone who wants to purchase one can find them and other Civil War memorabilia online. The Confederate National Flag sold online is made from the highest quality material available and is designed exactly to match the flag flown by those army units during the battles. The flag can be displayed at home or at a business or used during re-enactments. For whatever reason, the rebel flag is purchased this is the right website to shop for one of these Confederate Flags.

For customers looking to show pride in their country or in their part of the country, no retail store is a better source for the American Flag, http://www.replica-blankguns.com/flags/american-flag or Confederate Flags.