Original: Fun, Healthy Summer Of Outdoor Adventure

For school-age children and teens, summer vacation could stretch on in front of them, and some of them look forward to approximately three months of freedom. But if you are a parent and you do not want to see your children potentially spending their time in front of the television, playing videogames, or spending all day online, it might be a good idea to send them to summer camp.

Summer camps for teens are something to look forward to every year. Your child would meet lots of friends and spend time experiencing a great outdoor adventure.

There are many types of summer camps for almost any interest that a child or teen might have. There are those geared towards the arts, like music, drama, painting, writing, even camp for book lovers. Some are focused on sports, like soccer camps, gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, and volleyball.

Some camps really specialize on outdoor adventure. Teens can experience extreme sports, white water rafting, and even bungee jumping. In addition, there are even some camps that meet special interests or needs, like summer camp for special children, for those with medical conditions, or teens that have emotional and social difficulties.

Whatever type of camp you choose, you are assured that most, or at least part, of the time will be spent in outdoor adventure activities. Most of the time camps are located in beautiful, remote places, close to the woods and have access to a lake or a body of water for some water activities.

Summer camps for teens is all about learning new activities and exploring new places. Some of the outdoor adventure stuff that they can do are kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and all manner of fun sports like basketball, football, et cetera.

Most camps have organized bunks or cabins with a group of girls or boys in one cabin, watched over by trained counselors. And because it is a camp and not a hotel, there is no such thing as room service, so it also teaches your child how to be self-sufficient. A growing teen should learn how to organize his or her things, make the bed and also learn how to interact and get along with bunk mates.

As an incentive, most camps have point systems where at the end of camp, awards and trophies are given to outstanding cabins. Bunk mates have to really get along because most activities are bunk against bunk, which also teaches them teamwork and sportsmanship. BOLA TANGKAS