Ought to You Use Webinars, Teleseminars Or Different On-Line Meeting Tools?

In short, a webinar could be a seminar you deliver on-line (on the Web). Webinars are just one in all the tools of electronic communication in trendy business life, and sometimes one among the opposite tools might be additional applicable for your purpose.

To understand where they match with different electronic communication tools, consider these two criteria for grouping these tools:

?   Interaction: How abundant do the participants get to contribute in the conversation? The extent of interaction will increase as the quantity of participants grows, and they have increasing ability to contribute. Books, as an example, have low interaction (it’s all one approach, from the author to the reader); presentations have medium interaction; and discussion groups have high interaction.

?   Bandwidth: How several totally different “channels” are employed in the communication? The additional senses you engage, the higher the bandwidth as a result of we choose up completely different communication cues. Books have low bandwidth (simply reading words and looking at photos); phonephone calls have medium bandwidth (audio); video has high bandwidth (audio and video).

On the interactive scale, a webinar is fairly interactive, but still has one presenter (you) controlling the environment. On the other scale (bandwidth), a webinar is terribly high. It’s not simply written or audio material; it additionally includes visuals (that don’t must be video, but are still visual).

Let’s briefly compare the pros and cons of a webinar with similar communication techniques.

Skype video decision

Video telephone calls – using technology like Skype or NetMeeting – are actually turning into additional common now, for the same reason webinars are turning into additional common (faster broadband and higher software). But, not like a webinar, a straightforward two-approach video conference call is not typically a presentation; it’s additional possible to be an equal conversation.

Telephone decision

The humble telephone decision remains one in every of the foremost important business communication tools. I won’t say abundant additional concerning it here, because I am positive you’re familiar with telephone calls!


A teleseminar, like a webinar, conjointly involves one presenter and a cluster of participants, but it does not have the visual element of a webinar. Simply some years ago, teleseminars were way a lot of fashionable than webinars. However now, as Net access gets faster and webinar technology improves rapidly, the gap is narrowing.

Video conference

Video conference calls are the group version of the one-to-one video call. Unlike a webinar, where one person (the presenter) will most of the talking, everyone participates equally in the conversation. In alternative words, it is a meeting rather than a presentation. Leading this decision suggests that chairing a meeting, and the abilities required are very different from those for webinars.

Conference decision

This is just like the video conference call, except it’s no visuals. These types of conference calls are terribly standard in several business environments, as a result of they are simple to schedule and operate.

Like video conference calls, these are sometimes used for meetings instead of presentations.

What is right for you?

It depends on your desires! Although webinars are terribly powerful, and usually include some of the options of the less sophisticated services, typically those alternative services would possibly be higher for your particular situation.