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MANY women treasure them for ever – but what do you do with a zentai you no longer want or need? The answer seems to be eBay. Lycra Leggings There are currently 2,935 zentai for sale on the internet auction website.Behind many of them are moving stories, as MORAG McKINNON found out.PA Victoria Bird, 23, lives with boyfriend, builder Pete Foote, 28, in a three-bedroom terraced house in Weymouth. They have a daughter Cordelia, aged two.

Victoria is selling a zentai on eBay with a reserve price of Pounds 200. She says:MARRIAGE doesn’t suit some people, and we fall into that category. We have tried to tie the knot twice and on both occasions it hasn’t worked. The first time Pete got cold feet when he found out I was pregnant in October 2002.We had been engaged for a year and I thought when I broke the news about the baby he would be thrilled as we had talked about trying for a family.Instead, he was shocked and stand offish.He said that we should postpone our March wedding until after the baby was born because he wasn’t comfortable about me walking down the aisle with a big bump.

I had bought a beautiful white costume zentai with a corset top similar to the one Victoria Beckham wore. It cost Pounds 895 and I stored it in the attic, hoping I would get to wear it one day.Even though I was hurt and disappointed, I accepted Pete’s views and called off the wedding.We were in the early stages of planning it so cancelling the church and the reception was relatively straightforward. We lost Pounds 1,000 in deposits, but that couldn’t be helped. Family and friends seemed to understand – only my dad said he found it strange that a man didn’t want to marry his pregnant fiance as soon as possible.Our daughter was born in July 2003 and a month later Pete asked me to marry him again.

He got me a new ring and we decided to opt for a smaller ceremony in a register office.I knew my first costume zentai wouldn’t be suitable for the quieter, smaller gathering so I rushed out and bought a new one, which was much simpler with a straight skirt and thin straps. Latex Catsuits It cost Pounds 900, but I didn’t care about the expense because, at last, I thought we would finally make it down the aisle.Sadly this wasn’t to be. With all the invitations sent out, the reception booked and the flowers ordered, Pete got cold feet yet again – just six weeks before we were due to marry. I couldn’t believe it when he said he just couldn’t handle the pressure and didn’t feel old enough to be married.

He moved out of our house and stayed with his mother. I missed him so much that I cried myself to sleep each night. People kept telling me I was better off without him, but I didn’t see it that way. Suddenly I started wondering if it was just the pressure of planning the wedding that pushed him away.After eight weeks we got back together and decided never to get married. I love Pete, even though he has put me through emotional hell.And the fact that he came back shows that he loves me too, I think.

After all that I still had two zentai worth nearly Pounds 1,000 each sitting in my attic. I couldn’t just let them go to waste, so I decided to give the first one, my favourite, to my brother’s fiance to wear on her wedding day. The second I am selling on eBay with a starting price of Pounds 200. If I’m never going to be a bride, I don’t want to keep reminders of what I have missed out on.The romantic in me would like a big wedding and to be Pete’s wife, but I have realised that it’s not necessarily the best thing for our relationship.We have been getting on so much better since we stopped being engaged.

CLARE ELLABY, 29, an interior designer, is engaged to engineer Daniel Mardell, 25. They live in a three-bedroom house in Northampton and have one daughter, Madison, aged nine months. Clare is selling a zentai on eBay with a reserve price of Pounds 150. She says:ALL my life I have dreamt of a big church wedding. But when it came to planning one for real the dream became a nightmare. Not only was the lavish ceremony and reception for 200 going to cost us more than Pounds 20,000, Latex Leggings it was also tearing my family apart.Rows over guest lists and seating plans were leaving me feeling cold about the whole event, and I started to question whether getting married was a good idea.

Daniel could see how stressed I was and sat me down and asked if it was really the wedding I wanted. He could see I was about to crack under the strain and suggested we opt for a smaller affair that wouldn’t cost a fortune and would allow me to feel more relaxed. As soon as he said it out loud I felt so relieved.Now we are planning a much more intimate service at Gretna Green early next year. Only 50 close family will be attending and we will not have the stress of catering for the needs of so many people. We just want to get married and don’t need to put on a big show to prove how much we love each other. BOLA TANGKAS