Outdoor Digital Signage Going Mobile On Vans

Vehicular digital signage is big business, as the amount of captive audience viewers is tremendous, one corporation has deployed these screens to a fleet of buses that are used for a “Park and Ride” service study more.

Parking is a major issue in UK towns and cities, so bus companies are offering a park and ride service, this is when you park your automobile on the outskirts of town and a bus takes you to the city or town centre for a tiny fee.

Now one marketing business has seen a gap in the market and have deployed 15″ LCD monitors with integral media players that play adverts from the advertisers within just the city, whilst the passengers are being taken into and out of the city, the information are for everything from jewellers, clothing stores, vehicle repair businesses and cafes. The adverts have increased over the past 6 to 8 weeks and also include vivid and dynamic promotions.

But to do this, they have employed a small LCD display with a display ratio of 4:3, the viewable area of the monitor is 304 mm wide x 228 mm high. The maximum resolution is 1024 x 768 with 16.7 million colours and each display screen is 300 nits, permitting everyone to see the ads throughout the journey to the town centre, from the front to back row of seats on the bus.

Also a ticker runs along the bottom of the display furnishing weather information for the day, so shoppers have a good idea when to take shelter or to avoid the rain.

This hardware works on two fronts, the first is to convey information to the people on the bus during their transit from the car park to the city centre, these commercials are especially applicable as during the run up to Christmas these commercials include pre Christmas discount vouchers that are sent using an SMS to passengers cellphones, this has a distinct bonus over other companies who do not advertise as the commuters will go to the store and use the coupon to obtain Christmas items.

The second factor is that the advertisers have the exclusive access to these people and so eliminate most of the opposition, they can also see how the marketing campaign is going with the number of coupons exchanged on a weekly basis, so when they want to grow sales, they can display more tempting advertisements using various media formats from video, audio and images.

Another solution would be to mount an LCD screen into an LCD enclosure and fit this to the bus, the people behind the marketing agency will for sure know that their financial commitment is protected, especially when hooligans get on the bus to do some shopping.