Overseas Investment Property in London city

The real estate investment is the best thing to be chosen for the foreign investors or the overseas investors, which is the reason the Overseas Investment in Property is increasing day by day. The investors have traded well by investing their money in this area as it is the most stable economic place and the housing prices are rising every year making it a profitable investment.

The UK government introduced the free marketing and allowed many foreigners to invest in the areas due to which a position has established in which most of the famous properties are actually owned by the wealthy foreigners. The Overseas Investment Property has increased many folds making the British indifferent to the rise in the profit making. The investors coming from countries like China, Malaysia and Singapore have certainly established themselves as the great pioneers in doing so. The open policy of government made them to invest in the area and Malaysia has become one of the countries with much real estate investment in country.

A report concerned to this fact included that a total investment of around seven billion pounds was made in the year 2012 in the city of London. While the number of investment that was made by the citizens of London was only 20 percent, the foreign companies did the other 80 percent investment. This gives a broad picture of Overseas Investment Property that is available in the region and the one that can give loads of profit.

The reports suggested that the actual citizens of country are forced to live on rents, as they cannot afford to buy the houses due to increasing trend of prices. The people are forced to live in rents and the rents are going up day by day. The rich people have made it a way to invest in the place and to get the hold of many properties in the city. The global economic stats clearly show that UK has one of the most stable economies that have made it a great source of income for the investors in the property.

Although the government has taken newer steps to stabilize the situation by undertaking the rule by which the people of London will be the first priority for the new buildings to be made or the new houses to be built in the city instead of the foreigners. The houses bought by investors not living in the country are mostly empty that makes them of no use for the citizens of the country. This can be compensated if the houses are given for rental basis to the different people living in the city or to simply sell them to the citizens as well.

Mr. Khan the shadow minister of London has reported that the housing crisis have risen to an alarming situation in the city of London that must be fixed.
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