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Milk is considered in the United States and Europe Dairy In the boutique, called “noble milk.” International Nutrition circles as the “King of milk.” International Dairy Federation Board Jin Shilin former China expert in the “Jin Shilin Dairy Technology Selected Works”: “Today, goat is placed in the United States sales in pharmacies and supermarkets around the world … … From the point of view, goat milk in all class in the rapidly growing trend of … … “

Sheep milk although American and European countries, Japan and Southeast Asia have been hot for years, but for domestic consumers, but it was a new thing. By price, technology and consumer attitudes and other restrictions, a long time, most of our sheep milk as Raw material Milk are exported to developed countries.

However, since 2001, this situation has changed, “the U.S. are high and unique,” pioneered the first high-end domestic goat milk infant formula, beginning with “Mead Johnson”, “Wyeth”, and many other brands Taiwan compete with high-end infant formula market. By 2006, “crown jewels”, “fitness Po”, “Aries 100”, also into the composition of sheep milk industry, the end of the “America can Scott” solo performance of the lonely situation, and further activation of the infant formula goat milk powder market. At this time, to create “America can be high special” brand of Tianjin Yayi Industrial Co., Ltd. has grown to have the most milk base, the largest production base, the international technology leader in addition to smell of mutton, and professional standards of marketing and marketing planning team leader in the industry leaders formed a basic sales network covering the whole country, its half-yearly sales growth of up to 50%, according to incomplete statistics, the size of whole milk accounted for more than 60% of the market. Why can

sheep milk powder smoke of high infant milk powder market place quickly?
Hong Kong International Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Wright’s head of Greater China, Xiao said the total of: the main reason is that the noble quality of goat milk has gradually been recognized by consumers. Since 2006, “America can Scott”, “crown jewels”, “Aries 100” have increased the pregnancy baby supplies shops, pharmacies and other medical professionals to promote efforts to channel development, while maternal and child domestic professional journal continued on ad spending, initially completed the initial education of consumers. Consumer spending began to slowly accept this new concept of “nobility milk.”

The same time, domestic and international nutritionists agree that milk is the closest to human milk in the dairy, sheep milk there just to meet some of the Milk Infants allergic to strong demand, as the current formula goat milk consumption among the most important.

, Of course, goat milk also appears to meet the needs of dealers looking for new products. Mature bovine milk as a market category, operation disorder, chaos changing commodity prices, vicious competition come and go, well into the marginal profit. However, most of a new sheep milk products, a high degree of consumer acceptance, has become a channel for members of the new profit growth point, its marketing initiative naturally unprecedented.

Recent years, with the goat off throttle in technology, consumer taste is not worried about the smell of mutton, while the fragrant, creamy goat milk, pure features have been retained, which is goat’s milk into the infant formula milk powder market swinger obstacles.

It is in this for several reasons, the experts predict, as the structure of people’s consumption, consumer awareness of the profound changes in consumption concept, sheep milk Selling Well in China high-end infant formula milk powder market is makes sense to do. They predict that “the next two years, sheep milk consumption growth will be more than 200%.”. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released the 2007 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin showed that the end of 2007 the total population of 132,129 people, 1594 million annual births, birth rate is 12.10 ; 913 million deaths, mortality rate was 6.93 ; natural growth rate was 5.17 . The UNICEF survey showed that in the past 10 years, the proportion of breastfeeding in China declined by 20%. More families choose formula feed their children, especially in recent years, with the breast milk of the sheep milk is the best substitute for knowledge, choose goat milk formula more and more! BOLA TANGKAS