Overview on the Best Cycling Trails in Virginia

The state of Virginia which is situated at the Atlantic Coast in the southern region of the country is a great place for many recreational activities and one of which is cycling. There are many trails for this activity and the following is a list of the possible places where you can do it.

At the Douthat State Park in Clifton Forge, Virginia, there are 24 possible cycling trails that you can choose from and all in all, they can reach up to 40 miles. The variations give you more options especially on the type of trail that you wish to take and the difficulty level based on your current ability.

The route from Reston, Virginia to Great Fall National Park is a great location for cycling especially that it offers interesting challenges with its mixture of muddy and clay tracks. When taking the trail on your own, you must bring or strap on your stun master with you for more safety.

The Brush Mountain in Blacksburg, Virginia which runs about 8.3 total miles is an ideal place especially for off-road cyclists. Its technicalities are quite difficult that is why this is only advisable for advanced cyclists to take. It is near the Virginia Tech Campus which makes it a favorite place among the students.

For beginners, it would be best to take the trails that are available at the C&O Canal National Historic Park. It is a long track that runs 185 miles. It is open all throughout the year that is why you have the chance to do this activity anytime that you want.

If you want to follow the single-tracked trail at the Fountainhead Regional Park, you must make sure that you stay focused on where you are going. You will be challenged by elevations and steep climbs, a drive through the stream and a lot more. Although quite difficult, it will give you loads of fun.

The Mount Vernon Trail is quite an easy one that is why you can have the chance to take your family with you and even some of your kids so that you can do the outdoor activity together. The trail runs 36 miles which is why if you want to additional protection when with your family, you can bring your streetwise stun gun.

One of the locations where competitions and races are held on mountain biking and cycling is at the Wakefield Park specifically at the Accotink Trail. There are loops that can be tried by a novice and there are certain areas which are moderate to extremely difficult. It is definitely open all throughout the year.

Lastly, the cycling trail at the Great Falls National Park must be tried by an experienced cyclist who knows how to handle rocky or rugged and steep single track. It is just a short ride that runs only 6.8 miles. You can finish it for about less than two hours.

These are the popular cycling trails in Virginia. You need to find out about their locations first and learn about its trail type before you will head on to the place.