OXO Good Grips Food Mill – Why Could It Not Have Come Sooner?

Many years ago, I loved the idea of feeding my babies ‘real food’, instead of having to use that which was available in tins and jars. It just was not practical for me as there simply was not a proper tool or appliance available to do the job easily and quickly. How different things are now with this OXO food mill.

When you have a small child which you are trying to introduce to normal solid food, using the food mill has to be both the healthiest and the cheapest way. You can puree very small amounts of freshly cooked meals for a small baby, to start with and so you can be entirely sure what your baby is eating. As you have put the ingredients in yourself you can be sure about things like preservatives, salt and flavourings etc.

The design includes three stainless steel discs, so that you can gradually make the food more lumpy. This allows your child to get used to the feel of real food in its mouth. It is a good idea to add more´lumps` as the child gets older.

Of course this tool is not only useful for baby food, you can use it to prepare purees for deserts, toppings for waffles, soups and smooth apple sauce. It will mash potatoes and is so easy to use, as it fits snuggly on bowls and pans up to 11 inches across.

The discs are very easy to change, and this of course also means that you can vary the smoothness of your purees, soups, sauces and mashed potatoes. Because you can use it for hot foods and the bowl is made from stainless steel, it is possible to use it for many jobs while you are preparing a meal, without having to wait for the food to cool and of course it will go into the dishwasher to be cleaned.

I also like to use it for the pureeing of grapes for grape jelly and tomatoes for tomato juice. It deals very well with the skins and pips of these fruits and allows the juice and pulp through the discs. For apple sauce, you can simply cook quartered apples with a small amount of water and when they are cooked, simply feed the fruit through the food mill for perfect sauce.

I find that the machine is very easy to use, because of its soft non-slip handles. It does not need to be always cleaned in the dish washer, I often rinse it out as soon as I have finished using it and all it needs is some nice hot water and soap to clean it.

The availability of this machine should mean that more children can be fed good home cooked food and not have to rely totally on the processed mush in jars.

Good quality kitchen appliances are worth their weight in gold to me and this has soon become one of my favorites.

Why not check out the details and see if it might not be an excellent addition to your kitchen?

Information and where and how to buy at http://www.squidoo.com/oxo-good-grips-food-mill-feed-your-baby-healthy-home-cooked-food