Paintball Masks – How to Choose the Best One

If you are just starting out playing paintball you have probably already grasped for yourself how important a good paintball mask is when you are playing paintball. Lets face it; no-one wants to get hit in the face by a paintball a travelling at 300 feet per second. So in this article I will outline a short plan to help you to pick a winning paintball mask every time.

– Find a paintball mask that fit’s well. Although this may seem very obvious if you are buying a mask second hand or from a website the chances are that you are not going to have the opportunity to try it on. So what I would suggest you to do is go to your nearest shop that sells paintball mask and try on a variety of masks to get a good idea of what size fits you the best. After this it’s just a case of buying this size on the net for cheaper. Make sure the mask you do buy comes with a refund period so if there are any problems with size you can exchange it or get your money back.

– Buy a paintball mask with an anti-fog lens. If you are playing paintball on a cold day and you do not have an anti fog lens then you may as well put a pillow case over the whole of your head, as your visor will steam up and you will not be able to see anything. If this happens then you may be tempted to lift of your helmet, and this is unfortunately when serious accidents will happen. So look at the spec to make sure this is the case with the helmet you buy.

– Choose a mask with a wide field of vision. One of the frustrating things about putting any paintball mask on can be the reduction in the area that you can see. Different paintball masks will allow different area’s of sight, and the current leader allows a 290° field of vision. This would allow you to see opposing players at a sideways glance giving you an edge over players who do not have this field of vision.

– Don’t be cheap. The old saying goes “You get what you pay for”, and as with most things including paintball masks this is very true. I would always pay that bit extra for safety features such as full head protection to protect you further from any injuries.

So in conclusion if you follow these pointers above you will be well on your way to buying a paintball mask that fits well, is safe and gives you the edge over less informed paintball players.