Pakistani Recipe: A Brief Post On Pakistani Recipes And Tradition

Pakistani food culture is talked about for its richness. The Pakistani food imbibes the culture of the region where it is prepared and embeds the flavor of the land. Today you can savor the Pakistani dishes at all the major cities of the world. Also they are served on all special occasions like weddings, business parties, and birthdays, etc.

Many meat and rice preparations from Pakistan are favored and savored throughout the world. The pot roast beef fillet is the most popular food export of Pakistan. This meat preparation packs in the taste and flavor of many authentic spices and yogurt. You can enjoy this meat with naan, which is a sort of flat bread. Pakistani rice preparations are also savored with equal fondness as its meat preparation. Especially biryani rice is used in all rice preparations.

Pakistani desserts like Peshawari ice cream, falooda, kheer, panjiri, kalakand and barfi are popular throughout the world. Biriyanis are big food exports of the Indian subcontinent and especially Pakistani Biriyanis like Sindhi Biriyani and Tahiri Biriyani are loved by everyone.

One cannot do justice to a writeup on Pakistani cuisines without talking about kebabs. Kebabs comprise meat that may be grilled or even fried. Often the meat is seasoned with many spices and spicy mixtures. Meat employed for this include chicken, beef and lamb. Pakistani cuisines never uses pork due to religious restrictions.

The Pakistani recipes are delicious and wholesome too. The uses of spices in authentic food preparation have been scientifically proven to curb the ailments. Some of the popular spices used in food preparation are: ginger, clove seeds, turmeric and cumin seeds. These spices have been since long time for their anti-inflammatory properties. Pakistani’s largely use spinach, tomatoes, cauliflowers, garlic, onions and eggplants and seasonal vegetables to churn out various authentic Pakistani recipes. The vegetables increase the nutritional values of the foods.

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