Palamau National Park – Encounter the Genuine Beauty and Amazing Tiger Encounters!

Palamau National Park is the second key national park in the state of Jharkhand, India. It’s situated in the western portion of the Chotanagpur plateau. This wildlife sanctuary is declared as the Protected Forest or Reserved Forest beneath the Indian Forest Act, 1927. This Tiger Reserve is solely committed to the protection of tigers. The core area of the park spreads 250 square km, and was declared as a National Park in September, 1989, also effectively known as Betla National Park.

World’s 1st tiger-census was carried out here in the year 1932, based on pugmark count. This sanctuary is spread more than 1,026 sq km of untamed wilderness, and is famous for its magnificent wildlife and scenic, undulating terrain. Palamau was one of the initial nine Tiger Reserves launched in 1973. Palamau is a historic spot, which was ruled by the Ghero kings. The park has two of 16th-century forts, produced by the Adivasi Kings of the Chero dynasty.


Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary is situated inside the Indo-Malayan realm, and is situated in the district of Palamau. The region extends from the latitudes 23 degree 25 inch and 23 degree 55 inch, North and Longitudes 83 degree 50 inch and 84 degree 36 inch, eastern in the state of Jharkhand, with a total region of 1026.00Sq.Kms.

Ecological Method &amp Wildlife (Flora &amp Fauna)

Palamau Tiger Reserve is a mix of lakes, rivers, valleys and stunning low lying waterfalls. The winding North Koel River and its river branch, the Auranga, slash via the rocky lands of the northern portion of Palamau. The Kanhar and Amanat rivers run via the Betla area of the tiger reserve area, which lies in the midst of lush tracts of Sal and other dry deciduous trees. The soil in a lot of parts of the sanctuary is strongly impregnated with iron.

An estimated 44 tigers inhabit this reserve with wild animals such as Barking Deer, Cheetal, Elephant, Fourhorned Antelope Indian Ratel, Leopard, Mouse Deer, Pangolin, Sambar, Tiger, Wild Dog and Indian Wolf. The location also has many plant reserves such as Acacia catechu, Adina cardifolia, Bombax ceiba, Bothriochloa Montana, Butea monosperma, Dendrocalamus strictus, Diospyros melanoxylon, Imperata arudinacea, Indigofera pulchela, Lannea coromandlica, Mitragyna parviflora and Shorea robusta and so forth. The wholesome eco-program of the Palamau wildlife sanctuary supports this wildlife.


The climate of Palamau varies can be divided in to 3 major seasons. The cold seasons from November to March, the hot season from March to May possibly and the monsoon season from June to September. Temperature varies from 47 degree to 38 degree C for the duration of the summer season month even though in the monsoon months it is only 6 degree C to eight degree C.

Adventures &amp Activities in the Park

A single can explore the Purana Kila and Naya Kila of the 16th century constructed by the Chero dynasty. The ideal adventurous activity here is animal sightings, as the animals are mainly dependant on man-produced water holes, so it becomes effortless to trace the wildlife. A single can employ a guide and a jeep from the forest division for such an activity. Watch towers and ground hides have been created to see the wildlife. Motoring and hiking are the significant activities carried in the park.

Nearby Attractions

Kechki just 18 km from Daltonganj has lush green hills and grasslands. Hazaribagh National Park has the exact same eco-program and inhabitants as Palamau. Ranchi is 140 km away and is a preferred shopping location. Netarhat, the ‘Queen of Chotanagpur’ is at an elevation of three,700 feet above sea level with special attractions of natural beauty of the Plateau and lots of Eucalyptus trees and huge trees. Magnolia point is popular for sunset &amp sun rise can be also visible. Mirchaia waterfalls close to Guru, Suga Bandh Falls close to Baresand are the greatest nearby attractions and a must to go to locations even though becoming on the trip to Palamau national park.

Palamau Tiger Reserve – Strategy and Access

By Air: Ranchi (180 km) is the nearest airport to this Tiger Reserve.

By Rail: Daltonganj (25 km) is the nearest railway station.

By Road: Connected with many critical cities such as Daltonganj, Ranchi, and Dhanbad etc. Daltonganj is the nearest town that is located at a distance of 25 km.

Best Time to Go to: Between the months of October to March.

Accommodations &amp Other Facilities

Accommodations at Palamau National Park and around the park are available in numerous types and forms for the vacationers. There are tourist lodge and forest rest houses in the Betla portion of the sanctuary and rest homes at Kerh, Kechki and Mundu are offered. Facilities like STD/ISD, Postal, Telegraph and Net in some locations are also obtainable.

Travel Guidelines

The vacationers should carry light cotton clothes for the duration of the summers and heavy woolens during the winters. Do not throw any non biodegradable material like polythene bags, lit matches, cigarette buds around. The flora must not be plucked. Steer clear of taking firearms and chemical substances inside the park. Do not blow horns or play loud music inside the park.