Panem et circenses


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To ensure that the people of Rome should not worry satisfy with food and entertainment: bread and circuses. By the end of the republic, the manner and timing of policy change at all. The people can no longer participate in the management of public affairs and the power is pretty much everything in the hands of the emperor.That is why the urban populace retains its own latent power, threatening influence to be manifested on several occasions during the imperial period with violent rebellion.To ensure that the people do not worry you must be satisfied to meet needs and provide food and entertainment, bread and circuses.

The emperor, therefore, had to take care of supply in the city and did not have to miss the shows. The people had fun and Rome above all means the show gladiators and chariots.The fashion of the theater and athletic competition is not widespread in the Republican era is taking root in Rome. The theater, in imperial censors survive the evil that prevents freedom of expression and athletics so popular in Greek culture at Rome do not have the same effect. The three theaters and the stage of the Campus Martius, in fact, were not frequented by people who went looking for more excitement.The Flavian Amphitheater or Colosseum and the Circus Maximus were the two largest buildings constructed for the show in Rome. Only the Circus Maximus, the end of his story, could accommodate up to 385,000 spectators.The crowd cheered all events, he enjoyed himself and was satisfied by the representations, the gladiator fights, hunting with exotic animals, from chariot races … 

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