Pantry Cabinets

No matter the type of living space, or the style of the interior, it is safe to say that one need remains the same within all households-the storage of food. From canned foods to baking ingredients, storing food plays a significant part in overall organization of the kitchen area. There are several cabinets and accessories that can be used to effectively store and organize food items in your kitchen, depending on your personal needs. Many households have a main or large pantry area, which can consist of a single large cabinet with shelving, or smaller cabinets that are separated.

The built-in cabinet is one of the most common types of pantry cabinets used in kitchens. These cabinets are large and are designed to match the rest of the cabinetry in your kitchen and usually open with a hinged door like the rest of the cabinets. Shelving is usually varied by height, to accommodate different types of food for storage. Within these shelves, cabinet accessories, such as hooks, wheels, or individual organizer shelves can be placed for further organization of smaller food items. Fancier designed pantries can include slide-out pantries, which are designed on wheels and rods to pull out completely. These pantry storage areas are helpful because you are able to easily access food quickly, without having to dig to the back of the shelving to get to hard to reach items. Though these pantries are helpful, they are not for smaller kitchens, as rolling them out requires a decent amount of open space for it to function comfortably.

For larger homes, walk-in pantries may be available, which are generally like walk-in closets to large master bedrooms. If space is not an issue, a walk-in pantry might be a great option, especially if your household buys food in bulk. Walk-in pantries allow you to quickly take inventory of all your food items at a single time. Also, storage is much more generous, depending on the size of the walk-in pantry. These pantries, also known as Butler’s pantries, are not necessarily complete walk-in pantries. Sometimes they function like a small closet, in which entry space is nonexistent. In this case, shelving, or rollout shelving can be used for optimal management of space.

Another option for pantry cabinets is to have a shelving unit or piece separate from the rest of your built-in kitchen cabinets. This is useful in apartments and other properties that may not have accessible pantry cabinet options or pantry storage that is too high to reach. Buying a storage or shelving unit can act as a furnishing piece that is actually functional. Shelving units do not necessarily have to be inside the kitchen, as they can be placed near the dining or other storage areas. Shelving units may be bought as RTA pieces (ready to assemble) or can be customized. They may come with hinges and doors to conceal food items, or can be open shelf designs. When finding pantry cabinets, it is best to make sure food storage is easily accessible, stylish, and can accommodate your personal needs. BOLA TANGKAS