Paris Top five attractions ? A Gateway to Discover the City

Paris– The “City of Lights” and according to a saying “the place where all good people go to die”. Paris is the capital of France and the city of monuments. Being the home to numerous landmarks and attractions, this city is listed on the top list in comparing with most of the countries sight-seeing. With the combination of historical charm, modernism and beautiful sights, Paris is ruling in the hearts of a large number of tourist’s whole across the world.

Being one of the famous tourist destinations world-wide, the beautiful city Paris attracts maximum number of visitors to glimpse. If you are also heading towards this vibrant city of France either for a long or for a short weekend then never miss the top five stunning attractions of the city.

Whenever a tourist thinks of Paris automatically the first name that strikes in the mind is Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most recognizable monuments. Built in 1889 world exposition by Gustave Eiffel, this masterpiece is an iron tower which touches the night sky with its festive light and glitter the whole area. Attracting over 220 million of visitors, this tower is the iconic landmark and it is very difficult to imagine Paris without it.

While discovering this city how one can forgot to return back without visiting its cultural places – the museums. Well-known for its culture this city has an array of ancient museums. Out of them, world’s most popular art museum, Louvre Museum is the center piece among all. Being established in 1793, this museum contains collection spans from the birth of great civilizations up to the 19th century including the popular piece of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa’s” painting.

Thirdly, when you are moving more forward towards the city, then you should never forget to visit its Cathedrals. Being a part of Christian country, this is a home to many big cathedrals. Notre Dame Cathedral is also one of them which is known as the most singular and beautiful cathedrals of Europe. Presenting the marvel of gothic architecture in its dramatic towers, spire, stained glass and statuary, this cathedral is considered as the most peaceful and holy place of Paris.

After a long and fatigue visit, now the time to relax, so the guest can chill and rest while watching remarkable performances at the world-famous Opera of Paris. Designed by Charles Garnier in the Neo-Baroque style, The Palais Garnier or the Opéra de Paris is a 2,200-seat opera house. Built in 1989, this place is regarded as one of the architectural masterpieces of its time and now mainly used for ballet performances.

The journey is still not end, for those who are not very fond of music, art and culture then they have a great option to enjoy with their friends and families in one of the world’s finest amusement park located in the east of Paris, Disneyland Paris. This world famous amusement park is the fourth Disneyland theme park in the world which is popular for its five imaginary lands, different rides and attractions.

So, if you are also in a mood to fly away towards this favorite tourist destination then don’t miss the ample opportunity to visit all these attractions along with others. As a visit to all will definitely leave an incredible experience in your memory.

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