Park Full of Wonders – Alaska and Canada

One can read the tourist brochures, but nothing can compare to an actual excursion to the snowy-capped regions of Alaska and Canada. The idea of a vacation spent in the icy cold would seem an uninviting time to some, but they are overlooking the value of a trip to a region that has so much to offer but so little known about it. Its wildlife is as diverse as any region’s with elk and salmon aplenty while activities such as kayaking can be done on the region’s pristine waters. That is only the beginning of this area’s gifts to those who brave its climate.

Those who travel to Alaska and Canada can get an introduction to a culture very indigenous to the region. Acadian and Eskimo people in their opposite regions are intriguing in their customs and foods. Festivals and native music are par for the course back dropped by panoramic coastal views of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The finest views, some may argue, are of the Rocky Mountains.

And the adventure travel activities in Alaska and Canada do not stop there. Bicyclists can ride through untouched natural wilderness in a park that seemingly goes on forever.
Or travelers can tackle the roughest rapids and finest rivers of the Alaska and Canadian area. Nowhere abroad could possibly offer the distinct gifts of this region because of the years that have gone in creating its unique and natural geography. Nowhere else in the world exists side by side glacier ice and regular wilderness. And the photo opportunities abound with native wildlife against a back drop of colossal mountains and glaciers.

For very inexpensive costs, lodging can easily be found in this region as there are several options. The cheapest route to go is to set up a tent at a campsite. Campsites are very prevalent across Alaska’s landscape and so are RVs. Most of the time, people drive their RVs to specially equipped parks. For about a hundred dollars per night, there are also lodges, bed and breakfast inns and hotels.

For a space all to yourself, many travelers would probably be interested to know that cabins can be rented to them for a weekend to longer. Although these cabins are usually located far into the forests, they have all of the comforts of a hotel plus the basics such as: cable television, wireless Internet, microwaves and plumbing. And these cabins are not small by any means; in fact, some of them are large enough to house a family.

So, office workers who want to add a little thrill to their live should definitely look into Adventure travel in Alaska and Canada. But the packages are great for those going on their honeymoon or a family outing. These guided tours get city folk back to nature to rejuvenate. Nowhere is as unspoiled and pristine as the Alaskan and Canadian regions. So, the next time you are planning a vacation, instead of doing the conventional thing of “fun-in-the-sun”, think of the incredible privacy but amazing sights and activities offered in the Alaskan and Canadian regions.