Park Guangrao Policy Incentives To Promote Rapid Expansion Of Aquaculture – Aquaculture Industry

Spring season, and accompanied by warm spring breeze, into the Guangrao County, Shandong Province, Hong Kong pier Township High meat Chicken Cultivation Communities everywhere, pack a busy construction scene, neat rows of new extension is in the final phase of standardized sheds building construction. “This year, the government’s help, I then expanded a Chicken Shed, chicken shed 3 now, the annual slaughter chickens for 60 000, rearing chickens for our household have become rich, and lived a good life,! “When talking about the benefits of chicken park is shed Yangjidahu Jin-Peng Liu beaming modified.

As a Animal Husbandry Culture of large rural, large pier construction of the park as a village to raise livestock breeding development, the promotion of animal husbandry, increasing farmer income and rural economic development as an effective carrier. At present, the township house seeds Yang Pig 200 bull breeding herds Area, Central 3, Central 5 pig farms reached 1,000 long, meaning village, often Xu, code three villages of meat duck breeding areas, the annual slaughter of meat ducks reach 500,000 over the central line of a moist duck district, north-east dock milk Ox Area is under construction. New development in the township scale farmers to reach 83, the township-scale farmers to reach 520.

County to develop animal husbandry as a miniature park in recent years, continued to increase Guangrao County Livestock investment, the rapid development of the park scale farming, livestock production and growth has undergone a fundamental change to achieve livestock quantity, quality and efficiency simultaneously increased. The policy support, this county to the park and all the households engaged in livestock farming included in the letter the user, filing legislation Card, the coordination of government micro-credit lending process to address the financial difficulties farmers; Park Culture For large reconstruction and expansion from the village level responsible for coordinating the solution space, and exempt from fees. On a certain scale and scope to include farming county park, according to the number of different types of farming subsidies for certain. “The government’s award gives us great encouragement to farmers. This year, I want to make good use of money, further scaling.” Turning to the Government for their support award, Lok street market for seed breeding cattle Bao Cui says the new . It is understood that this year, the county a total of 1.90 million out of funds, on 24 standard livestock farms, breeding large for the reward, the maximum bonus up to 70,000 yuan.

Farmers to maximize benefits and reduce the risk of farmers, farming communities all orders for the implementation of contracts. Days of red duck farmer cooperatives as a big local duck to take “five unified policy” issued contracts for cooperative members of the duck, that is, Feeding unity, unity for the material, unified prevention, unified technical services, unified recovery into ducks, to co- the center of a circle within a radius of 60 km up the contract in the duck, and lead Guangrao County and the surrounding counties of more than 600 farmers rich duck last year, issuing more than 800 million contract duck, local economy more than 2000 million revenue.

Effective incentive mechanism to promote the county park rapid expansion of animal husbandry. As of now, the county has developed standard 276 farms, meat, eggs in Zongchandadao 228,000 tons, the development of animal husbandry Cooperation Organization 48. Large-scale livestock Birds Comprehensive utilization rate of stool culture for more than 90%, straw comprehensive utilization rate of 85%. Last year, the county animal husbandry output value of 1.87 billion yuan, rural per capita net income 1830 yuan animal husbandry, year on year growth of 16.5% and 12.7%. BOLA TANGKAS