Pashmina Shawls – Wearing and Caring

Pashmina shawls… products including the pashmina shawl are desirable fashion accessories. With a little extra care and maintenance, they will serve you well for years to come. A pashmina scarf is made from natural fabrics; so, it should be hand-washed only and never sent to the dry-cleaner. While washing it at home, the garment needs special care.

First, let’s see the washing guidelines for pashmina scarfs. This garment should be brushed with a soft brush to remove excess dirt from it. For washing, you need a baby shampoo or any mild washing detergent added to water. Dip it in the solution and squeeze very gently. Rinse the garment with any good quality hair conditioner to make your pashmina garment soft.

Now, for drying your wet scarf, you should take any dry towel and spread the garment on the towel. Roll up the towel to soak extra water from the material. Spread it on a flat and smooth surface and stretch with gentle strokes to help the garment regain its original shape. Let it dry in the shaded place away from direct sunlight.

Never use any bleach on these fashion items. Also, do not squeeze or wring it or it may be ruined beyond use. Never place anyof these products under the direct sunlight and also keep it away from direct heat. Do not hang them for drying. Let them dry while laid on a flat surface.

To make it free from wrinkles as a result of washing, use a cool steam iron. Place a slight damp cloth on the garment and iron from the inner side. A soft brush also comes handy to give a soft finish to the fabric. Any of these items need adequate storage facilities to protect it from any damage. So, let’s consider the storing tips for the pashmina scarfs.

An important prerequisite for storing this is to clean and dry it completely. Remove any stains on the garment before packing it off to your closet. The cupboard or the storing place should be free from dampness, leakage and sunlight. Use acid free tissue papers to store the pashmina scarf in any linen or paper box. You can also use any polythene bag to store it.

To keep moths away from your precious pashmina, place a few naphthalene balls in the cupboard or the closet. Also ensure that the storage place is free from dampness or moisture. So, with these caring tips for your pashmina shawls, you can enjoy wearing it for a long time.