Pattaya A Go Go Overview

1. Satisfied – The Best of my favourite go go bar. There are gorgeous girls, friendly staff, very good set up- a single principal stage and seats all around it and one off stage to the left when you enter. This spot is often busy, so if you can, get there early.

This spot possibly has the most talent I’ve observed in a go go bar. Typical go go bar music but are we there for the music? No! I am there for gorgeous girls and this spot has it. I never have something bad to report about this bar since I’ve constantly had a fantastic knowledge there. They have shows (I have no idea how frequently) girls come out, dance naked- good stuff. One point I love about this bar, aside from the stunners who dance on the main stage, are the girls in the large white boots, black skirts and small boob tops.

2. Living Dolls LD – Excellent areas, it reminds me a lot of Peppermint, just a lot smaller, but definitely has some talent walking about and other sorts. Normally, it is a truly enjoyable place to hang out. I met a bunch of actually exciting girls from there. I saw a handful of guys get shot down by the principal performers, which honestly, I’ve never seen in other places. I guess it actually can occur. The leading performers are some lovely girls a tiny heavy on the tats, but if that’s your point, there is a girl with leg tats that’s just ridiculously hot whilst dancing. I met a primary performer who spoke wonderful English, no tats and could move up on the dance floor like no other nice girls and if you count on me to remember her name, you happen to be dreaming

3. Boesche – Lovely girls everywhere and they have a great show in the Jacuzzi in the back. Girls eating every single other as they put the back of their heads into your lap and you drink a brew with a girl eating downtown at the Y under you. Very good stuff. Absolutely nothing to report right here, this place can get very crowded, but appears to be a late evening crowd (gets busy right after 11pm). Major stage dancers are typically best notch.

4. Peppermint – Peppermint is a great location to begin the West Side Crawl. All the girls I’ve ever met there were a lot of entertaining, spoken English and had been a blast. It does have a mix of almost everything some actually smoking hot girls, some mediocre, but the location is so big, it actually just houses any sort of girl so it does not truly matter. There is nothing but great occasions there and some great talent walking about. Uncover the stunners they are there, but will go swiftly at this bar.

5. Windmill – This location brings a tear to me eye back in April 2007, this place seemed to have so considerably young, wonderful talent that my neck was on a swivel and I met a stunner who was a 12 on the looks division my favored all-time girl. Considering that then, Windmill has seemed to go downhill, not so numerous stunners and while they are wearing plaid semi-college girl outfits, it is just not the stunner top quality girls you’d count on. So sad due to the fact it used to be such an amazing haven and I utilised to run to it (envision a foreigner running down Walking Street in slow motion, with a tear coming down his cheek). The show is fantastic, but if the girls are not hot.
Go Go Thomas & Tayo, Chuggington, Tayo the Small Bus Garage Station Attack Monster Enormous centipede

Today, it is a funny movie of enormous centipedes. It is a story of a wooden Thomas the pal of Thomas, a Chuggington toy, a TAYO garage toy. Thomas the Tank Engine, Percy, Tayo, Disney Vehicles,
Buzz light year was playing. Then cockroaches and centipedes appeared. I was surprised at the large centipede.
Star Wars characters and cockroaches have been doing some thing in groups. Thomas the Thomas and Thai Bath of TAYO are surprised. A enormous huge centipede was attacking. What on earth will it end up like? I hid in the garage. And a massive blue robot helped us. It is a film of a extremely enjoyable story.

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