Pay As You Go Mobile Phones- Pay As Per Your Choice

Mobile phones can be used in three formats viz. Contract, pay as you go and SIM free. Beyond these three phone formats, there is no other format to use a handset. All three formats are widely use by the mobile phone subscribers but nowadays, people are switching from contract phones towards other two. The main reason behind this migration is the boredom that arises due to long contract with single network.

Many a times, either contract phones users do not feel satisfied with the services provided to them by their existing service provider or some new and exciting services offered by other network attract them. Thus, to get out of all these dissatisfactions, pay as you go mobile phones have been launched. These phones are just opposite to contract phones like phones are purchased at no contract. Service charges are paid in advance, so the user can keep a check on its phone expenses and can restrict it as per his choice.

But there are some disadvantages of Payg Mobile Phones. Like if the credits in the handset is consumed completely then your further service request cannot be fulfilled by the service provider until you top up your handset. These mobile phones cannot be used beyond national boundaries due to their complex billing system. But, if these disadvantages are kept aside, then it is interesting to know that these handsets have contributed a lot to increase the number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide.

The Cheap O2 Payg Mobile Phones are well suited to people belonging to any group be it high salaried or low salaried. Moreover, you can switch to any other network after a certain period of validity time. Thus, you can use services of various networks as per your choice and in your budget. Almost every mobile brand has launched its mobile phones in this format so that more and more people can afford a mobile phone and the number of their customers keep on growing.