Pay as you go phones: Pay-per-minute feature rocks

Pay as you go phones helps every user to keep a tab on the amount which gets utilized on the network services like calling and text messaging. Whether business men or common people every body requires and do have monthly and yearly budget system. Pay-per-minute feature which makes the pay as you go phones most affordable and cheap among all the deals.

From all the network service providers like O2, Three, Virgin,. Vodafone, Tmobile and Orange have attached many offers which could procure you great handsets at cheap rates. Cheap pay as you go phones are also known by PayG mobile phones in the market .O2 among all the service providers is providing Cheap O2 payg mobile phones deals which is loaded with high-end and low end mobile phones from almost all the big brands like HTC, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Lg etc.

In these offers a customer could keep a tab on the credit balance for pay-minute-per-call expenditure. For example, a customer purchased a top up for £100, now it is up to the customer whether this amount would be utilized in a day or within a month by checking the balance after every service. Only issues which these deals suffers are slighter higher tariff rats as well as  there are no flexible data plans are there like contract deals. But customers still like such deals due to its pay-minute-per-calling  features where customer Pay as you Mobile Phones only for the time utilized with the network provider services.

To woo the customers many offers like free gifts are also attached with the schemes. Free gifts like laptop, video gaming console, electronic household appliances etc are on Payg Mobiles. But all the service providers reserves the right to change the offers without any prior informations. So before you rush to nearest mobile phone store check the deals in online shopping portals for better information on product and price comparison.