pay as you go phones: solution to hefty phone bills

Mobile phone market daily comes up with deals to meet the needs of every kind of customers. Some of the users prefer mobile phones as the only way to keep in touch with the social circle while others use it as a way of entertainment. Some have very less communication requirement and they use mobile phone less frequently. One may fall under whichever category, but none of us can do without mobile phones in today’s scenario. So network providers come up with too many options to help their customers and provide the best services to them.

Deals available in the market include : Contract Phones and Pay as you go phones. In case of Pay As You Go Phone Deals,the target is to meet the needs of those who do not use the mobile phones often and do not like to spend much on their mobile phone bills. This scheme follows the concept of credit minutes wherein users have to buy the minutes in advance from the retailers and then utilise them according to their need. People who are not limited to a region and have to roam from one place to another prefer this option as it provides freedom from limited network and roaming fees.Popularity of this option can be clearly analysed from the fact that many brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and others are offering Pay as you go scheme with their handsets.

Where as Contract Phones are suitable for those who spend most of the time at one place only and love talking over mobile phones. Here the users enjoy special offers that come with this option. But as the users have to sign a bond for a specific time duration they cannot move to other network providers unlike Pay as you go phones. Both the deals serve the users in the best possible way. Rest depends on the users need.

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