Pay as you go phones VS Sim free phones: Choose your own freedom

There are many interesting offers that are able to offer many latest mobile phones at cheaper prices. Pay as you go phones and SIM free phones are the two choices among which the users have to choose the one that satisfies their needs and requirements. Earlier, there were only contract deals that were available in the market but, now-a-days, these offers have gained popularity a lot.

In the contract offers, the users are bound to sign a contract and cannot switch over to some other operator. The users have to pay a fixed monthly rental till the whole contract period. Pay as you go phones also called prepaid phones are the better options than contract deals. These phones provide freedom to the users to recharge their account as per their needs.

The users are also benefited because they can recharge their account different top up and can also change the top up with any latest offer. Apart from this, the user also does not have to pay any any monthly rentals as the money is paid in advance. Thus, these mobile phones are benefiting those people who wants to save their extra phone expenses such as students, teenagers, old age people, etc. There is also a demerit of these offers such as these handsets can not be used in roaming as at that time these incur a lots of money.

In addition to this, SIM free phones are those, which are not confined to any service provider. In this offer, the users can change the network if not satisfied with one existing network. These offers are best for those who keeps on changing their network at frequent times. These offers saves a lot of money of the users while roaming and hence, is popular among the students who study abroad, travellers, businessmen who travel frequently, and other people who loves travelling. So, both the offers are good to consider and you have to choose that suits you most.