Pay as you go phones VS Sim free phones ? Money control and choice of freedom

Who wishes to use the same old phone for a period of 24 months with the same connection and the same tariffs? Everyone wishes to have pleasant changes and a level of freedom in the deals that they purchase. The customers of the mobile phones had no other choice than to get stuck with the long term contracts with the contract phones. But it has been quite some time that the network providers brought the new concepts of mobile communication. These came as offers of absolutely different kind. There were a number of options opened for the customers who did not wanted to get stuck to a contract for very long. Presently the best comparison between the various kinds of mobile phone offers is between pay as you go phones VS sim free phones.

The pay as you go mobile phones are giving the customers a combination of the flexibility and stability. With these kind of offers you get to have a mobile phone that you like with the stability of one network connection of your own choice. But there is a freedom for you to control the mobile phone expenses that you make. Unlike the contract phones the payg phones have the benefit to decide how much you wish to pay for the expenses made for the month. The users can easily buy pre-paid vouchers so that they can have the prescribed number of calling minutes as they have bought the voucher.

The next option is to have the sim free phones. These phones have the perfect control over the type of connection that you wish to have. The user can buy the latest sim free phone from the online shopping portals and then buy the sim only deal that is best suited to your needs. These kind of offers are beneficial for those who wish to have the latest handset you can easily buy the latest best suited handset and change the network connection as and when needed.

In the comparison between the pay as you go phones VS sim free phones it is seen that the payg phones give a optimum level of control over mobile phone expenses while the sim free ones provide absolute degree of freedom.