Peec Plant Extracts High-end Market Of International Seminars – Plant Extract – Food Industry

Start time: 2008-10-16 End time: 2008-10-18 Venue: Shanghai, China Contact: LIU Yan-ni Contact Phone: 86-21-58785688 Sponsored by: King Leap Giant Light Company

Sponsor: King Leap Giant Light Company
China’s first large-scale Plant Extract Professional exhibition PEEC2008 plant extracts Exhibition Symposium on October 16-18 in Shanghai, China, reporters from the PEEC organizer KingLeap giant light Company was informed that, PEEC2008 same will hold a grand plant extracts high-end market of international discussions will, for the plant extracts and related fields at home and abroad business trading partners, technical experts, industry leaders to provide an excellent exchange of views on the community.

Giant optical company meeting, according to KingLeap responsible Chen Fuyun introduced to China through the past year, tracking the actual plant extracts industry research, current applications of plant extracts broad, highly academic, market potential is the plant extract industry in China The three major characteristics of Chinese plant extract industry is generally considered that a lack of peer competition, and high-end foreign-related technology is the development of China’s plant extracts market, the main difficulties, enterprises plant extracts industry market confidence in the capacity gradually, the current demand for major market development and market potential of more standardized, through the research showed more than 80% of participating companies and professionals that domestic market development and industry seminar is one of important activities show the same period, so we organized seminars for the industry over the same period to provide the best platform for exchange of information flow.

The plant extracts seminar will explore the international high-end market, the industry trend of economic development, international market policies, Hot Issues, Countermeasures, and many other marketing issues, the Chinese plant extracts to promote access to international decision-making and high-end market intellectual support. From the development perspective of the Chinese plant extracts industry development, trade and technology trends, hot spots and related policies, and to make authoritative interpretation; exclusive publishing industry research, the Chinese plant extracts to promote business exchanges and the international market Cooperation .

International high-end market of plant extracts plant extracts seminar PEEC2008 Exhibition on one of the major activities, but also in the field of plant extracts Asia-Pacific region’s first set of high-end technology within the forum, presentations of international market policy, industry seminars, business party event, dedicated to the field of plant extracts and related domestic and international commercial trading partners, technical experts, industry leaders to provide an excellent exchange of views on the community.

During the meeting, participants also free to visit the many plant extracts from all manufacturers to demonstrate the various international markets popular plant extracts products and innovative technologies, on behalf of vendors are: spike in Tianjin, Wuxi, Emerald, Cheung Sha Kanglong, Changsha Hua Kang, Changsha, Green Man, Hebei, Bo Yan, Xi’an Haotian, Yunnan flowers and leaves, Ningbo Chinese side, Chenzhou green sea, Zhucheng Ho-Chi Qingyuan Holy Church, Huzhou LIU Yin, Luxi Xiaoyuan, Xiamen Tian Kang, Hubei en China, the Highnote, Jilin Hong long, long Shalang Lin, Hubei Royal saver, the Harry ear, Hunan Nature, Changsha, health and so green.

PEEC Exhibition on plant extracts and the Asia Pacific region as China’s first large-scale international exhibition of plant extracts, plant extracts exhibitors from around the world’s top brands technologies, brought together the world’s latest technology plant extracts . Exhibition industry has accumulated resources and brand strength gene, called the largest in China and the Asia Pacific region and the world’s leading brand entrants influential gathering of international plant extracts industry event. For more information, visit PEEC official website: BOLA TANGKAS