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Shoreline Vacationing on Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is known for its white sand beaches and red stone cliffs staring out over deep blue ocean waters. These world class beaches are available to all tourists and are a great way to vacation in a budget conscious manner for the entire family. Kids love to play in the water and in the sand, while parents can relax and catch up on their reading. Maybe all you really want is a quiet place to walk or to sit and meditate. Beaches are great for low impact exercising, too, so you don’t lose sight of your fitness goals while on vacation.

The beaches are open to any number of activities including romantic outings at or after sunset. Picnics during the day or in place of the evening meal are also popular. Get an early start on the day and let your kids tire themselves out so that come dark, they will go to sleep while you and your significant other will have the shore all to yourselves.

It doesn’t matter where you vacation on Prince Edward Island, there will be a beach nearby. This is because the Island is surrounded on all sides by white sandy beaches. However, not all beaches are the same. Check out the singing sands of Basin Head, or go clam digging at Pinette or Tea Hill. Huge crowds of people frequent the beaches at Cavendish or Brackley Beach. Some beaches are campgrounds for recreational vehicle campers. Many are located in and around the seven provincial parks, with the most popular being Cabot, Panmure, and Red Point.

There are 11 camping park beaches and 14 day use parks. In addition to the shoreline, they offer nature trails, and a variety of activities designed for kids on up to senior citizens. Overnight facilities are also available to enhance the outdoor camping experiences of the casual campers.

In order to make your trip enjoyable, it will be necessary to follow some simple guidelines such as keeping all vehicles on the designated pathways. Make sure you dispose of all garbage in the proper containers and respect all wildlife and habitats. Always pay attention to the signs for safety’s sake. When you don’t know, ask a ranger or park attendant for advice and directions.

Before laying down your plastic to book your reservations, decide your itinerary and your budget. If you need help then contact a travel agent of order information from any number of Visitors Information Centers. They are there to help you have a joyous and satisfying vacation. BOLA TANGKAS