People are going to notify me its sour grapes but seriously

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People are going to notify me its sour grapes but seriously, do the Panthers pay away from the referee’s today? Tim Cater was pulled straight down by his guitar neck even though attempting to produce a catch and there is no call. Plaxico Burress clearly caught a seven yards pass despite how sloppy as it absolutely was however it absolutely was called incomplete around the area after which via the immediate replay. Then there is the no-call fumble on Deshaun Foster and lastly the non-offensive pass interference contact on Drew Carter pushing away from of Kevin Dockery. individuals are only the 4 most obvious bad cellular telephone calls today. you will uncover lots of other people but i’ll spare you. Just comprehensive trash; comprehensive trash! it is made final year’s extremely Bowl officials seem great.

That’s not the only aspect which may be annoying so much today. The Giants have not achieved an overly wonderful job at guarding Eli Manning. When he’s been supplied time today, even merely a little bit, he’s made some wonderful plays. When he hasn’t been supplied time, he’s made some foolish throws which luckily have not ended up hurting the Giants.

The play-calling may be unspectacular which ought to happen as no shock to Giants fans. Sinorice Moss has only gotten his assortment called twice, they are not using Brandon Jacobs because they stated they would and on defense Tim Lewis may be “soft” again. It got in direction of the point where Osi Umenyiora got to the faces of the Giants secondary and told them precisely that; cease getting so soft. Kevin Dockery may be especially inconsistent. On some performs he seems genuinely wonderful and on other people he seems really, genuinely bad. Finally, Will Demps stills stinks.

Getting back once again to Umenyiora, he’s rolling today. We’re viewing just how useful this man genuinely is even without having [Michael] Strahan around the field. He has this kind of the extraordinary burst as well as offensive set cannot include him even with 2-3 men on him.

Bottom set the Giants should happen back once again within 2nd half and do an improved job of guarding Eli, an improved job of tackling, a especially much better job of defensive perform calling and most importantly they need to undertake an improved job on 3rd downs. At halftime the Giants are top 17-10. The match is only this near credited in direction of the worst officiating i’ve actually seen in my whole life.