Peoples Pravakta Truth And Dareness Is Whose Identity

Whether world may do unlimited progress or invent several electronic equipments but print matters like newspapers magazines have ever been on top. Magazines entertain the people by incorporating different subjects and also enrich their knowledge. If we take weekly, monthly, quarterly magazines only, we observe that only in Indian markets thousands of magazines are available. Under this situation, it is difficult to select the best.

Peoples Pravakta had started its journey a year back only, but due to its belief in truth, dareness and inclusion of best subjects, it has obtained benchmark not only in Madhya Pradesh, but in other parts of country also.
Recently, on completion of one year of Peoples Pravakta, when asked to Shri Rajesh Sharma, Editor, Peoples Pravakta about his reaction, he said, At this time, when not only in our country but all over the world, countless magazines are available, a reader may have difficulties in selection of magazine of his choice. Since, before starting the magazine, we had taken intensive tour across the country to ascertain choice of audience, we are happy to inform that Peoples Pravakta has created place amongst readers, right from first issue. Magazine is being published in Hindi and English languages.

Shri Sharma further added, Although, native place of our magazine is M.P, but we have given place to latest situations and news of all states of our country in our magazine. As we include subjects like politics, social, technique, health in our magazine therefore we are receiving affection of each sector. We are grateful to our readers and it is only because of their blessings that within a short period of one year more than 75,000 copies of Peoples Pravakta are circulated, every month. We also welcome suggestions of our readers.
We hope that Peoples Pravakta will be successful in its aims.

About Pravakta Group-
Pravakta Group was founded by Shri S. Sharma, in the year 2010. Since right from the beginning, he was interested in Journalism; hence, he had no problems in collecting events of National Level and to include them in a magazine. Peoples Pravakta has been acclaimed by people, within a year of publication and its demand in growing, rapidly. At present Peoples Pravakta has network in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar states but they are doing efforts to spread network in remaining states of country also.

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