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Pepsi against Coca-Cola product Mind in the vast majority of Chinese consumers, the more nutritious “mixed Juice “And even more reasonable,” fruit and vegetable juice, “not how good the taste. Consumers of this prejudice is deep-rooted, so mixed fruit juice, fruit and vegetable juice in the category of limited value. This is why the promotion mix in the Chinese market fruit juice, fruit and vegetable juice brands are the core reasons for the difficult, but also colorful Pepsi fruit reach full size.

This summer, Pepsi introduced the music of pure fruit fruit tablets are orange in the Coca-Cola’s berry market new products based on the type of confrontation. Because the “fruit juice” has a certain cognitive basis of the market, so PepsiCo’s pure fruit fruit tablets to promote up Music will be smooth sailing.

The other hand, pure fruit music unique bottle fruit tablets Package , To stand out in the end. If you look at the vertical fruit orange bottle, you will see orange cross-section shape; If you carefully observed the orange flesh inside the particles, you will see the fruit of pure fruit tablets bottle music inspiration comes from the fruit shape.

However, we believe that recent market sales of pure fruit music feedback, can not be seen as market Herald. The surge in sales is: early adopters of low-cost, unique packaging, celebrity endorsements, high-altitude bombing, Duitou promotion etc. Marketing Show the effect means of combination. Just listing in the city of Guangzhou Hi Its price is more than 5 yuan price of two bottles of the early adopters, orange fruit less than 1 yuan, more than just your ordinary clean water a few cents, so the price advantage of short sales reached jump, can not be considered the early market success. In addition, the initial listing of high-altitude TV Ad pull, making it the new fashion prompted to buy, but also to some extent pulling a Sell . Pure Fruit Fun Fruit tablets entirely by sales of the brand strength can be realized, must be seen.

Get full fruit chew Pepsi music pure fruit fruit tablets are used “better product” strategy?? “Plump fruit chews are” as the point of attack, the Coca-Cola’s berry orange juice initiated by category?? Fruit juice to create a product differentiation, suggesting that fruit orange flesh are incomplete, incomplete. The Coca-Cola’s berry orange is “taking the sun Ortega soft flesh, taste mellow” as the product claims. These two demands, the former more specific, with aggression.

However, we emphasize that, as a follow-up category, consumers tend to doubt the authenticity of the advantages of its communication products?? Really good thing? Consumers questioned in the circumvention of the specific tactics on the one hand To make the pulp products must have clear-cut particles, their visualization, and can put it like advertising can really “chew get”; the other hand, is the use of communication to highlight their brand credibility. Many Chinese consumers do not know, “Pure Fruit Music” is the world’s No. 1 juice brand, non-concentrated juice drink to create a brand recovery. At present, enterprises propaganda “pure fruit music (Tropicana) was born in the United States of fruits rich in Florida. Pure fruit to pure music, nature, nutrition, delicious fruit in 60 years swept” the rhetoric and the same can not be established in Florida, with 55 year history of Minute Maid create market segments. The status of the pioneers and the first category should be the point spread, not more than the competition’s history a few years.

Why consumers should “cut a record” brand name?

We do not agree with the “music of pure fruit – fresh fruit tablets,” “Maid – orange fruit” approach to address the two products. On the name, need not be so complicated? As a category pioneer of Coca-Cola to take the “Maid (MinuteMaid) – orange fruit” approach. In April 2004 on the market, one after another in this mode, launched the “Maid – tropical fruit,” “Maid – Shuang Grape,” “Maid-C tablets lemon” juice products. In fact, Coca-Cola’s fruit juice consumers on just call it “fruit orange.” Why consumers will ignore the real brand, “Maid” mean? The biggest reason is simple for the consumer (the consumer will not use six words to refer to a brand name of products); Another reason is that black and orange The “Maid” more eye-catching fonts. BOLA TANGKAS