Perfect Optimizer and Registry Easy Compared

The importance of cleaning the registry is well known. It fixes errors, prevent screens freezing and cleans duplicate files. I will show you the benefits and the downsides of both Registry Easy and Perfect Optimizer. With my 12-years experience as a Microsoft employee, I will point out the benefits and where the products Lacks.

Perfect Optimizer

I’d like to start with its downsides fist. The first downside is the price. The purchase cost is not high, however updates are not free. You basically subscribe to updates pushed once every two months. The advantage is that registry error fixes will be well researched.

The junk file cleaner is not very fast, but it does a great job finding unused files. Some registry cleaners find ‘junk’ files based on a name-pattern. This method has the risk of accidentally removing important files or missing some large files. Perfect Optimizer does a great job finding these errors.

It also has memory management features. This prevents a screen freeze, decreases loading time and improves overall performance. This is especially useful when you are into video editing, movies and gaming.

Registry Easy

Another good product is registry easy. However, just with any computer software it also has some downsides. Let’s start with some downsides first.

The GUI (graphical user interface) is very nice, but some features appear more than one time. I have seen one feature that has been integrated in 3 different categories. This makes the interface slightly confusing.

A positive side is that you only have to pay a one-time-fee and you will get updates for life. Registry easy has one feature that Perfect Optimizer has. I’m talking about the ‘File Undeleter’. It recovers lost files, accidently deleted files and files deleted from the recycle bin.

How is this possible you might ask? Well, when a file is deleted the reference is deleted. The actual data remains on the hard disk. The downside is that it takes a long time to scan the hard disk for all these files. On the other hand, how happy would you be if you can get that important document back?

Perfect Optimizer has the paid updates as downside. Also , you might not use some features like Internet Explorer specific ones. Registry Easy has a cluttered interface and redundant options. However, it has some features that have serious benefits.

Both product are very good, have excellent support and their primary features have excellent quality. Registry Easies trial will actually clear 4 sections, Perfect Optimizer only scans. You could download the trials to experience the products for yourself.