Permanent Magnet Technology In The Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker – Permanent Magnet

Vacuum Circuit Breaker In the power system more widely used, the high reliability of circuit breakers more and more in-depth. Evolving computer technology, intelligent control technology and permanent magnet technology, this study provides strong technical support. The resulting permanent magnet Operating mechanism , Then the concept of the study and a great impact.

Power system requirements of the switchgear
High reliability power system switching device has a comprehensive, all-inclusive, systematic requirements, the core is to increase operational safety and movement of equipment reliability. It includes breaking performance high reliability, operational performance of high mechanical reliability, high insulation reliability, environmental tolerance of the second control part of the high reliability and high reliability.

Improve the safety performance of the system by strengthening the capacity of arc and insulation level, to improve the operating environment or the protection level and the second part of the design and implementation of redundant protection, while the increase of operating reliability is difficult to resolve. Institutions not only the reliability of mechanics, mechanics, material science, electrical engineering, electromagnetic fields, but also temperature, humidity, corrosive gases and other factors. According to the theory of probability, to the structure more simple then the higher reliability, therefore, simplified to the structure on a possible direction. Permanent magnetic bodies because of their simplified structure has more advantages.

Strictly speaking, “Permanent Magnet Actuator” should be referred to as “magnet to keep the electromagnetic actuator.” It is through reducing the number of overall components or moving parts, reduced size, increased reliability, usually only one moving part, failure source less mechanical life can easily reach 30,000 to 10 million; simple structure, the number of parts less than the traditional spring 40% of operating agencies, organizations simplify the implementation by the operating mechanism of maintenance; use of electromagnetic properties to achieve off, lock function, from the structure to eliminate the high frequency of mechanical failure off, the locking device. In addition, the closing magnet body characteristics (output characteristics) and Vacuum Interrupter Characteristics of the anti-force to achieve near-perfect match, which is occupied by permanent institutions to rapidly field an important reason why the vacuum switch. Source: High pressure Switch Network

Working principle of permanent magnetic actuator of vacuum circuit breaker
As permanent body relative to the spring mechanism has simplified a lot, it is relatively complex control section. Part to improve the reliability of control, we must solve the following aspects:

1. Control circuit (or electrical circuit) design and optimization, the main controller of the control mode should be decided and protection, self-test, logic and computation speed, high-power electronic components of the control method (MOSFET or IGBT ), input and output patterns and other key technical indicators and ways to achieve targets.

2. Components of the screening, a good core control key to control unit Power supply Modules, high capacity energy storage capacitors, power conversion modules, output actuators, batteries, location identification device such as the quality of key components.

3. Control circuit (or electrical circuit) of the overall anti-jamming performance, including the anti-pulse interference (common mode and differential mode), anti-static discharge interference and electromagnetic interference radiation, anti-fast transient interference and electromagnetic interference conducted , and surge capacity.

4. Control circuit (or electrical circuit) of the overall seismic performance, including the ability of resistance to mechanical shock, electrical shock resistant ability, lightning, lightning protection capability. Permanent Magnetic Actuator Controller works image above. Vacuum Circuit Breaker set

PM Computer Processing technology, modern communications technology and new network switches manufacturing technology, and the main technical parameters include: indoor vacuum circuit breaker with permanent magnetic actuator to reach the rated current of 3150 security, short-circuit breaking current 40 a thousand, at least short-circuit breaking capacity of 50 times the number of mechanical life of 30,000 to 10 million; outdoor vacuum circuit breaker with permanent magnetic actuator to reach the rated current of 1250 security, short-circuit breaking current of up to 25 a thousand, over-capacity short circuit open off frequency of 50 times, mechanical life of 30,000 ~ 60,000 times. BOLA TANGKAS