Personalised Cards Guaranteed To Put You In 1st Place

Buying cards is an endless task. My husband cannot believe how many greetings cards I purchase each year. Of course, we all buy huge quantities of cards at Christmas time, for those close to us, colleagues at work and specially selected cards with informative letters attached for those friends and family with whom we have little face to face contact. As well as the usual birthday cards for friends and family, there are all those other events and reasons to celebrate that crop up from time to time in our lives and the lives of those around us. It seems that my 6 year old has a more active social life than I do, a she is constantly being invited to children’s parties. She loves to impress her young friends with a lovely gift, but also enjoys giving personalised cards with the child’s name appearing on the front.

My teenage daughter is of an age where school exams and driving tests are a big part of her own and her peers’ lives and so personalised cards of congratulations are the main theme at the moment. Another few years and she will be sending engagement cards, wedding cards and perhaps even birth announcement cards. Cards are a great way to mark an important event, without too much fuss. Whenever we buy gifts for people, we nearly always present them with a card attached. I send many cards to friends as a way of keeping in touch. When I hear that someone is unwell, for example, or has had some bad news, I send a card to cheer them up. Receiving cards is extremely rewarding. It shows that someone has gone out of their way just for you and it can do someone the world of good to find a friendly card amongst the bills and junk mail in the morning post. I love receiving cards and if you want to receive them, you really ought to send them.

A friend and I were browsing the card section in a large department store a couple of months ago, hoping that something would catch the eye. We were not looking for anything in particular, just a few cards that could be stored away in a drawer until they were needed. After half an hour of looking, however, we had to give up and both left empty handed. Over a well earned coffee my friend suggested the idea of personalised cards and so we went on-line to take a look at what was on offer. We were rewarded with a marvellous range of bright and colourful personalised cards, in every theme imaginable, even the cheeky ones for the hot bloodied males and females that we know. I now know exactly where to find the right personalised cards that will match my requirements, no matter what the occasion. My younger child is able to choose the personalised birthday cards for her social whirl of birthday parties and my teenage daughter is really pleased that she does not even need to waste her precious time on the High Street selecting cards when she would rather be hunting for clothes.

Everyone loves to see their name in print and it is this special finishing touch that makes personalised cards that little bit special. In our house, the Birthday Stars and Balloons card is very popular for kids birthday parties, as well as the cute Birthday Doggy card. With the child’s name and age incorporated on the front cover, personalised cards mean so much to the children receiving them and are sure to be put at the front of the card display. My teenage daughter loves the stylish Shells on Beach card which is appropriate for all sorts of occasions. She also goes for the funny Happy Birthday Monkey card, which suits her friends’ wacky sense of humour. She and her girl friends fall out and make up so many times that I lose track and so she has found the Fabulous Friend card extremely useful when words have failed to put right a difficult situation. For me, the Raspberry Dessert card and Lovers Chocolates personalised cards are the ones with the right message. Maybe I am just constantly craving these tempting but wicked foods, but my friends enjoy receiving these personalised cards. I am also a bit of a romantic and my husband was thrilled to receive a light hearted Reasons I Love My Husband, when it was not even Valentine’s Day. Once you have discovered the delights of sending and receiving personalised cards you will not want to return to those ordinary cards that you used to send. Personalised cards put you in first place because they show that you have put in a little extra effort. BOLA TANGKAS