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Constellation right right touch of red wine, personalized wine selection, wine gifts area, these “people-oriented” new ways of red wine consumption, recently appeared in the network. Since then, the real wine experience personalized marketing era!

HC food industry network Constellation marriage test test test personality love, guess you are not familiar with. But Red wine And Constellation right right touch, perhaps you may not be tried. Click to congratulate smb. On a happy occasion such as red Wine Net “red VS Constellation”, whether you are a Pisces or Aquarius, a constellation of personality based on the characteristics of 12 pairs of red wine can be found. Example, highly motivated and enthusiastic energy tolerance of Aries, the most original take of the wine estates are spread Nigeria hi pink (supreme wine). The greatest feature of this wine is the storage life of up to 25 years, this pioneer spirit with Aries exactly the same, with “Constellation wine knowledge,” and their products with special “like” the wine, give you different from the past experience of influx of people new taste sensation.

Can not only match the constellation, and red wine, on the site through the personality test, also found that single paragraph of their own wine. First measured the best place to live in your heart, your favorite Beverages Do you like the bedroom environment, you see the world, the final test results to find a special wine for you. This process suspense rebirth, the last best with red wine before you meet by chance and really experience a personalized wine tour.

Nowadays, red wine as gifts share and have gradually become the people’s lives. But the face of numerous types of red wine, in the end how to choose the correct one? And many sites on the “gift zone” to be your friend either to send or sent for the elders, is used alone or rave discretionary items, taste is sweet, soft or thick Yugang Lie, “gift zone” can be the object from the gift, occasion , taste, occasion, given the angle of multiple choice, just click on what you want, the answer can be found on the site, all easy to get.

Personal experience of these new games are played red wine, red wine marketing to a new bright spot emerged. According to the relevant person in charge of the network, the past is more a focus on wine marketing wine culture and heritage, from the wine product knowledge, health knowledge, choose to drink storage methods, and cultural origins of red wine to start. However, as time goes by, people become increasingly clear understanding of the wine, the demand for their wine and also by the intake of simple knowledge transfer to the more practical aspects such as more entertainment. Online fresh appearance of the “personalized wine selection,” “red wine Constellation Two of a Kind”, “Special Recommendation”, “gift zone” and other special plates, the personality, moral constellation with red wine, etiquette and functions closely related, allow consumers the choice of wine is no longer blindly.

Wine marketing trend of the future, will interactive entertainment and practical functionality to more closely together. No longer indulge in wine only emphasizes the Western culture blindly pursue Wine Romantic fashion, but the closer the distance with the civilian consumer, fusing the intimacy between the consumer and the wine, and so build a more broad popular wine consumers. Personalized wine marketing, wine B2C companies will explore the relationships between the new, which will become the wine E-commerce New development stage. BOLA TANGKAS