PH Miracle Diet and Alkaline

The pH miracle diet is a whole new outlook on the way you consume day to day foods. The basics of the diet are to keep your food intake at a pH balance of 80% alkaline with 20% acidity. The idea of the pH miracle diet is to match your bloodstream’s pH level, which tends to run on the alkaline side. Which can be a difficult task, considering that most foods that we consume are high in acidity. So in order to get more alkaline into your diet, you need to be able to spot good sources for alkaline. Gathering a list of these foods is great start to being successful with this diet.

Consuming alkalizing foods have a restorative effect on your body. When you neutralize the high acidity level in your bloodstream, these foods quickly act as a breath of fresh air to the system helping repair and regenerated old, damaged cells. When your diet is high in acidic foods this causes the body to break down unexpectedly, the bloodstream carries the acid throughout your system and wreaks havoc. As stated before, there are foods that have an alkalizing effect on the body, we just need to start implementing them into our diet in larger amounts. The human blood pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45; anything 7 and above are considered good.

Vegetables and fruits while on the pH miracle diet are the best ways to get some alkaline into your diet. Some of the veggies are broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chard greens,and collard greens just to name a few. Try these fruits that have an alkalizing effect, bananas, berries, blackberries, cantaloupe, cherries, coconut, currants, dates, there are many more to be added to this list.

It is very difficult to add protein to the pH miracle diet when you are trying to get more alkaline into your diet. Just about most of the protein we consume comes from animals, which is acidic. While it is difficult to add protein to your diet, it is not impossible. You just need to know which protein will have an alkalizing effect in your bloodstream. The easiest and most popular way is whey protein powder, some other sources are tofu, almonds and chestnuts.

Now what would food be without spices, herbs and sweeteners. You can add these alkalizing condiments to your food creations raise your pH level. Nothing out of the ordinary ginger, tamari, any kind of herbs mustard cinnamon and curry. Lets not forget that minerals are key to great health. These minerals are not only alkalizing but good for you. Potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium can bring back the proper balance of pH to your body.

Now that you know where to start at, the only thing to do know is commit to it. Its very easy to track your results once beginning the pH miracle diet, you can always test your body`s pH levels with a saliva strip test which is found at many health food stores. Remember try keeping your pH level between 7 and 8 is the target for good health.