Pheromones in Perfume and Cologne

Have you ever wondered what attracts the opposite sex? Good looks and wealth can seem to be a contributing factor but there has always been an underlying attraction through all the species of animals. One of our most powerful senses is our sense of smell and it change how you feel in an instant. The chemical attraction in the animal, and human, world is caused by natural pheromones excreted by all living things, including plants. All animals know when it is time to mate by the pheromones excreted by the female of their species. It is so powerful that they will kill for the opportunity of mating with a female in heat. The difference, between humans and animals, is animals mate to procreate and humans tend to do it for fun. Here is where the perfume and cologne companies come into play.

So you aren’t the most handsome guy in the world and don’t have the savvy or charisma to make the chicks flock to you at the local singles bar. There is still hope to take home that hot babe and make her yours. You are lucky that you just read an ad in the back of your current issue of Playboy that touted the effects of bull sperm cologne on the opposite sex. You buy some, splash it on, and head out to make that special lady come running in your direction. This obviously is pretty silly to think it will really increase your chances of scoring with the lady’s. It could have a placebo effect that may increase your confidence but that’s about all your fifty bucks is going to buy.

Why, then, do all the major perfume and cologne companies spend millions of dollars to incorporate pheromones into their most popular fragrances? They use pheromones that will attract humans not cows or other animals. There are laboratory tests, trials, and control groups to find out what attracts people to each other and what doesn’t. Their formulas are guarded to make sure someone doesn’t find out and create their own fragrance. I believe this the main difference between original, high end fragrances, and knockoffs. To the conscious mind both smell the same but the subconscious is more discerning and is attracted to the formula that has proven results. Stay away from knock off perfume and cologne and spend your time finding the right scent for you. You will be much happier.