Phone Cards Reviews – The Best 3 Internet Phone Card Providers 2009

Prepaid phone cards provides a perfect low cost solution for long distance and international phone calls for millions of people all over the globe. Whether you are a traveler in a foreign land or just someone longing to hear the voice of a loved one, having a reliable phone card that provides the advertised minutes is important.

Just like shopping for almost anything on the Internet or a physical store it’s always good to price compare. And these are the names of 3 excellent phone card providers for you to compare with and the reasons why:

#1 Nobelcom

Here is a company that has been in the industry for over 10 years. Any company that has survived that long must be doing something right. The main reason why Nobelcom is receiving the top spot is because of their reliability. They first started out as a telecommunications company and run their own facilities. What does that mean? It means that they are not wholesalers or a company that buys phone card minutes from another company and stamps their label on it. Nobelcom provides phone cards to consumers directly so they save money.

#2 Speedy Pin

Don’t you wish everything you bought came with a 100% guarantee? Especially for phone cards. Speedy Pin is the only provider who offers such policy so that customers can feel at ease purchasing their products. Like any other company I recommend Speedy Pin has a long history and a great reputation in the industry. They have a huge variety of phone cards to choose from. Some are from their own line of products as well as other products from reputable sources.

#3 Cloncom

This is a relatively new comer to the phone card industry, just five years old from time of writing. But Cloncom is gaining a huge popularity with consumers who enjoy the reliability and great rates from their products. They also have a mix of branded labels as well as products from reputable suppliers.

What all of these top 3 phone card providers have in common is excellent customer service. Without any type of assistance any great product without someone being able to answer your question after and before sales is useless.

Most importantly these three companies fully disclose fees (if any) in clear detail without you having to read a bunch of legal jargon. They list all of their fee free phone cards and phone cards with fees in plain daylight to simplify your shopping experience. And that basically sums it up. Purchasing a phone card on the Internet shouldn’t require a degree in rocket science. It should be easy, reliable and stress free for all consumers looking to make a phone call from far away.