Photography – Fireworks and the Death Grip

Photographing fireworks can seem like it would be a tricky thing for the photographer that is just beginning. It may even seem to be a little scary to someone that has never tried to take photos of fireworks. You can relax I’m going to let you in on a few simple photography tips that will make things a whole lot easier on you.

You will come to realize that this type of photography can actually be a lot of fun and that you can take shots that will impress your family and friends. The main thing here is for you to get out there and try. You never know, by the end of the night you may even be surprised yourself.

One of the first tips that I want to pass on to you is that you need to use a tripod if you can. You need to be able to secure your digital camera to ensure that you have no movement of the camera. Being able to keep the camera still is really important because you will be using longer shutter speeds. The longer shutter speed will not only capture the movement of the fireworks, it will also capture any movement of the camera itself.

Maybe at this point you are thinking this makes sense but I do not have a tripod and I can not run out and get one. That’s o.k. because there are other ways to get around the tripod issue. Your first option to help with the camera shake is as simple as getting a good grip on your camera. A good solid steady grip is a key factor here, you may want to try griping your camera before you go out. This way you will know the best way for you to grip your camera. Remember this shot is going to take a little time so you to be able to hold your camera and still be comfortable.

Now that you have a death grip on your digital camera you need a place to lean your weight on and help steady the camera. This could be a wall, tree, or a fence. A fence post can work out really well for you, because another method to get around not having a tripod is to set your camera down on a clean solid surface. Besides the fence post you could use something like a seat or a brick wall. After you have found your spot line up your shot and take it from there.

Using the self timer in this method is another way that you can overcome the shake factor. By using the self timer you get rid of the shake that you have with just pressing the shutter button. It may seem like this is some really simple information about photography and photographing fireworks but by using these simple tips it can make all the difference in the world to the photo itself. So if you are just beginning, don’t get to uptight with it. With a digital camera you have room to play around a little. You get to see your shots right away so you can make any adjustments that you need.