Ping Rapture V2 Driver + Fairway Wood Overviews

Ping Rapture V2 Driver

Ping engineers have captured the hot face of the G10 and the solid sound and feel of the original Rapture and put it into the V2 package.By expanding the height of the face and elongating clubhead dimensions, Ping has enlarged the sweet spot on the clubface and provided a very hot face, providing tremendous ball velocity regardless of player skill level.

With a slightly elongated face profile and high-technology mix of titanium body with tungsten weights, the V2 capitalizes on the clubfitters’ holy grail of high launch, low spin. The Rapture V2 does this with performance and style. Dual Tungsten weights do the job of keeping weight low and deep in the head, to help get the ball airborne.

The first noticeable difference from the original Rapture driver is the racy lime green color on the shaft and the soleplate. But the changes aren’t merely cosmetic. In what Hollywood might call a plot twist, Ping has equipped the V2 with a super lightweight stock 939 shaft in L through X flexes. With a shaft weight of 47 grams and a 45.75-inch finished length, this makes the V2 one of the lightest and longest drivers on the market.

Making a cameo in this sequel is the stock upgrade of a Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard shaft. At 63 grams, this ultra-premium shaft lowers spin and launch for players who want a little beefier shaft than the 939.

Ping Rapture V2 Fairway Wood

Materials: 17-4 stainless steel body with tungsten sole plate.

Specifications: Available in 3 (171cc, 16 degrees of loft), 5 (165cc, 19 degrees) woods. Standard shafts are the Ping TFC939F (R, S) and MitsubishiJavlnFX (R, S).

Fitting variables: Shaft flex/type, shaft length.

Had just finished 9 holes with a Diablo and 9 with a Ping G series and was not impressed with either. It was late in the evening and I was returning the demo to the pro shop at my favorite course. The pro and I talked some more about what I was looking for, he said just a second and came out with a Ping Driver, ugliest head cover I have ever seen and said the range is closed so go over to #1 tee, take these 5 balls and see what you think. So meander over to the box and #1 is a 385 yard par 4. With the Cobra and others I had tested usually I would be 110-125 yards out. I take a few swings with this Ugly Duckling and it feels pretty good. Tee it up, put a good smooth 90% effort into it and it transformed into a beautiful swan in my hands. The ball jumped off the face with a surprisingly solid sound and took off. I said jeez, how far was that. Teed up another and tried to duplicate the previous swing, same result. I got in the cart and went to see where I had ended up. 1st one less than 90 yds off the green, second one 77 paces to the center. Went back, hit the other 3, went back to the pro shop. Saw the $ 399.00 sticker on the shaft and said I like it, but not willing to spend that much. He said would you spend $ 162.00 tax and all, huh? It was a demo and last one. It’s gotta go. I said “It’s gone.”
Rapture 10.5* Neutral, Aldila VS Proto 65g 350 Stiff shaft. New Winn Super lite grip.

I would not reccomend this to anyone I know. I wouldn’t want them to have this in their bag. It is an outstanding club.You can get the clubs at low price in Cheap Golf Clubs  
First 18 I played using it shot 79 and putted like ned and the first reader. Had 35 putts and average around 28. Hit all but one par 4/par5 fairways and the one I missed, was just out of the fairway.
The 18th at this course is a not overly long but tough par 5. Since coming back in May, have never even considered going for it in two as the fairway has a bunker in the that jutts out halfway into the fairway from the rightside to the center. Accuracy on the drive is a must as anything 260-270 off the tee and right of center will wander into the kitty litter. My drive was up the left center just past the bunker leaving me about 250 out. I seriously for the first time considered going for it. But there’s a pond that encases the left side of the green and the lay up and 58* to the green was a sure birdie putt vs my lack of scuba gear and my balls ability to swim ashore to the green. However one of these days when the wind is right, I will make this green in 2.

Great club, in this instance a bargain to boot. Make sure you’re getting the shaft that fits your swing speed and you’ll really enjoy hitting this club. The sound is so much different than the others I hit. Looks good, feels good.