Places For Children and Parents to Go Traveling (Part 2)

Choosing a place that can fulfill both kids and adults is rather difficult. Kids want to have fun and play and run a lot, meanwhile parents only want to relax such as visiting museums and get to know the history. Below are some spots which are suitable for the whole family.



Sydney is a vibrant city. In addition to the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and other unbeatable scenery, the beach walk and the bridge spanning the sea are very suitable for adults. At the same time, Sydney is also a paradise playful children. You can cruise around the harbor by ship, view the Sydney Opera House over the sea or tour around the city by tramcar. All these are comfortable and funny experiences. Besides, you can go to Taronga Zoo where has more than 2,000 animals. So you will be able to know more about wild animals at close quarters, take photos with cute koalas, enjoy the funny bird shows and get to know the magical and unique the Animal Kingdom of Australia. Of course, parents can take children to visit the University of Sydney, experiencing good educational environment and increasing knowledge of children.



Sentosa Island of Singapore is perhaps one of the best known islands to enjoy family relationships when travelling. Though the island has a small area, it sets so compact attractions that it is suitable for the physical strength of children. The island has complete hardware facilities, from natural attractions to historical sites, from music activities to museum visit. Both adults and children can enjoy themselves. Whether getting to know tropical nature through the adventure of the natural world, or getting close contact with incredible animals in the Butterfly Park and Insect Museum, they are valuable education in amusement. Moreover, they can experience the special four-dimensional stereo images in the newly opened 4D Magic Theatre of Sentosa. And beaches, campsites on the island are very suitable for holidays. The island has resorts, shops and other facilities, while the general environment of Chinese and English in Sentosa eliminates the language barrier problems, which enables families to enjoy the time without going outside.