Plan Ahead Before Going To A Party This Christmas Season

Many parties happen during Christmas season. Needless to say, no Christmas party could be complete without any Christmas shots. Alcoholic and nonalcoholic Christmas drinks always go hand in hand with plenty of mouth-watering dishes. However, you must always be careful when having some alcoholic Christmas shots with your friends.

Based on statistics, many accidents occur during the season between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Maybe the reason being people attend a lot of parties over these times where alcoholic Christmas shots are typically served. Nevertheless, the situation can be mitigated if you take some precautions whenever you decide to have a shot or two at a party.

If you intend to drink some beer or alcoholic Christmas shots with your friends, think ahead precisely you would go home. Always remember to do this thinking before the drinking starts because after you drink, your ability to think rationally might be impaired.

There are two ways for you to go home safely after having some drinks. First, you could take a cab back home. Second, you can ask someone to pick you up at the party. Tell your relative or friend that you will be calling him or her when you are about to go home. Above all, make sure that he or she will not be drinking before picking you up.

Prior to going to a party where Christmas shots will be served, it is usually a good idea to leave your car keys at home. That way, you wont be tempted to drive after the party. Do not bring your car and say that you promise not to drive it back home. More often than not, that is never going to happen. Either you or another friend who is also drunk will surely use the car.

It is certainly not bad to enjoy the Holidays with your friends while sharing some refreshing Christmas shots. You only need to do it responsibly. Drinking itself doesn’t cause accidents. The risk comes when you drive after drinking. Always think before you drink. BOLA TANGKAS