Planets and our great sages

Our great sages had such powerful Third eye vision to understand that planets have stored the informations of individuals past history for generations. The sages have also found that when a planet is in a particular position, then very categorically defined the effects of planets in their life.

It is not that much clear even if one uses third eye very sharply, as to how Sages got informations from planets and GOD about our lives, secrets of birth/death. No one will ever able to answer the basic question as:

Why should we take birth/live/marry/become old and die?. Why this is happening?,. Why some people are very rich and enjoy all things , whereas many people suffer for wealth?. Why some people are born handicapped and in some it is more complicated diseases?. Why should there be slaves? and why should there are some kings/dictators?.

It will always be a mystery on all the above, so long as we take the route of science/scientists. But when one follows the path of great sages, truth will be known and one will get satisfied with what is in store.

As mentioned in my previous article, the family of four were destined to suffer for the whole of their generations, because of misdeeds in their previous birth/s. Like a judiciary where person gets punishment for their criminal actions, and justice delivered for some wrong civil actions, in GOD’s court, The punishment comes at the right time and the perfect moment.

In the case of a murderer, the criminal court might order him death by hanging, but in GOD’s court the person will get perfect punishment. The GOD’s court is as simple as anyone can understand the law/judgement ,unlike the most complicated laws in various countries. In the GOD’s court, it is the planets who are executors and ensure that it is done at the right time.

As per sages, using the planets, to determine the true fate of life is to ensure knowledge of their ancestors. This is possible with horoscope and planetary positions. GOD is a hidden judge in the chart, whereas, planets position themselves to indicate the kind of punishments they will pronounce on the person at the right time.

To make things simple, Sages have said that ,when a person leads very simple life, without any expectations, likes/dislikes etc., and never harm anyone, will get the best planetary positions in their chart. In other words, planets will help to get whatever that person wants.

In the case of people leading normal life, they all tend to commit misdeeds because of their compulsion to get out of problems, wants, needs etc., the planets indeed will record the same and will reflect in the chart of the person. It is not only this life, but it will be a continuous reflection for the next generations too.

This is what exactly sages have said that when a person commits sin or misdeeds it will hurt for generations. We can also see in this world, many families suffer for hundreds of years. We can also see that many kings/dictators lived in this world and what has happened to their generations?. Definitely their kith/kin will be living somewhere and suffering greatly, but planets/GOD would have destroyed the evidences,as they are such dreaded sinners.

Sages had the intuition of knowing such effects of planets on humans. It is not  that only human lives are dictated by planets, but it is the universe and all lives are also dictated by them. To understand this concept, in Hindu philosophy, there are many stories which describes how GOD is born/Planets are born/stars are born etc.. It may look bit unscientific, but closer look and the way the nature (GOD) behaves will reveal the fact that some basis are there for such stories too.

Typical example here is there are Nine generations of Vishnu  and they are described in almost all temples and known to everyone. Let us for the time being look at from the angle of understanding how humans were created on the earth?. From the first to Ninth one can see it is a gradual process of human evolution. Let us not discuss about  the tenth one, because it is yet to take place.

Closer look of these nine incarnations, one can understand it is a cyclical process and any form of life one can take. Meaning, a human being born now, might take birth as animal in the next birth and an animal in the last birth may be a human now.

Though for the outside world it may look that the generations of dreaded (dictators/kings) people may not be visible, but may be living in some form or the other, somewhere discharging their sins.

All these are very clearly defined by our great sages and about the powers of planets. Many also might have heard stories about sages where, they used to predict well at the time of birth about how the kid will live in this world and how it will die. Therefore, sincere study on what sages said and use of our third eye will help in understanding the truth and planets.