Planning A Fall Harvest Party

The leaves are turning gold and red, which means fall has come. Now is a great time to have a Harvest Party prior to your big Thanksgiving celebration. Below are a few ideas to hold a lovely get together with your family and friends.

1. Food – Make a great salad that includes ingredients from a early fall garden. Cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes are great additions, that are generally still growing this time of year! Your guests will love the fresh salad you have made. Food from the garden always tests better than store bought foods. If you have a small fire pit as it gets dark make s’mores by the fireside. If possible set this up in your garden or patio area. People will love the warm fire with the crisp air.

2. Favors/Decorations – Collect falling leaves from around your yard, or at a nearby park. Decorate the table with them. With larger leaves, tie wire ribbon to their stems and write guest names on the ribbon with a black marker. This makes for an unique place card. Also, take leaves and press them between two pieces of wax paper. Then cut them out and hang them around the house. The wax paper is great for preserving the leafs and keeping their brilliant colors.

3. Games – Why not add a game to your harvest party. A great game to play is guess the leaf. Collect leaves and glue them down to heavy card stock. Then put a number next to each leaf. Have guests figure out what leaf belongs to what type of tree. Guests will have fun figuring out easy leaves such as a Maple leaf, verses more difficult leaves to identify.

Hopefully the few tips above gave you some ideas on how to share the cooling of the season with your family and friends. BOLA TANGKAS
Food Web & Chains Documentary – The Discovery Channel

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