Planning And Preparation To Install A Guttering And Soil Pipe System

When installing a pipe systems, most people hire professionals to do the job for them.

However, with a bit of forward planning, there is no reason why you couldn’t do this job yourself. In these financial times, it makes sense to save money where you can, and it is always satisfying to complete work on your own home with your own hands. You should, however, do all the necessary planning and research first, otherwise you could end up paying someone to fix a job that you have made a mess of!

Fully research the work involved in Installing a guttering and soil pipe system
before deciding whether or not you would be able to complete this project, you should thoroughly research all aspects of installation. This will help you to determine whether you have the necessary skills and time to complete the work yourself.

You can research in a number of ways:

Online – many building supply websites and DIY websites have online manuals explaining every aspect of the procedure. Video sharing sites such as You Tube also have numerous instructional videos on this topic.

Your local professional building supplies company could also give you a lot of expert advice before starting this job, and should provide you with compatibility charts etc. to help you. Once you understand the exact scale of the job, you will be able to determine at this point if you do need to call in a qualified tradesperson.

Factor in all costs of installing your guttering and soil pipe system
You should be careful to factor in all costs before embarking upon the project, otherwise you could find yourself spending a lot more than originally planned.
Costs include the guttering and soil pipe components, labour costs, as well as all other materials and tools necessary to complete the job, such as screws and nails, adhesives, ladders, drills etc. You should then create a list of everything you will need, so you can then shop around for the best deals. However, cheaper isn’t always the best way to go when purchasing guttering and soil pipe systems, and if you pay for good quality materials, then the job will last much longer.

Set aside a realistic amount of time to install your new system.

You need to plan exactly how long the job will take, and allocate enough time to complete the job properly. Cutting corners to save time could cost you a lot more in the long run, as you may have to redo parts of the job. You should always plan more time than you think you need, to cope with any unexpected problems.

Creating to do lists will help keep everything on schedule. Also, time management and project management skills would be an advantage for a project such as this.

Make sure you have enlisted an extra pair of hands, as installing soil pipe and guttering will be at a minimum a two-person job.

If you properly address all the above points, then you should be able to successfully install, on time and budget. BOLA TANGKAS
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