Planning the Perfect Halloween Party: Part 2 of 3

Parties may come and go but one of the key elements that is likely to make or break a party (besides who actually attends) is the food.

Food is such a critical part of our culture, and rarely do we gather socially without bringing food into the mix. Certainly, Halloween is no exception, but don’t feel like you have to overdose on sweets to host an excellent Halloween party. Here are some spooky (and sometimes gross) food ideas for your All Hallow’s Eve bash.

Keep It Simple

The simplest way to create your Halloween feast is to use “normal” party foods and assign them “creepy” names for the evening. For example, BBQ chicken wings become “Bat Wings,” a simple brick of cream cheese surrounded by red pepper jelly can be shaped to easily become “bleeding skull,” deviled eggs become “devilishly dreadful,” and a simple punch becomes “mummy’s blood.”

Get Creative

Finger Sandwiches

Purchase a pre-made breadstick dough at your grocery store. Separate the breadsticks per the regular instructions and lay on cookie sheet. Slice pepperoni rounds into quarters. Use pepperoni pieces on one end of each breadstick, fitting the rounded edge out. Bake breadsticks as directed. Split while still warm along the length of the bread stick, but do not disturb the pepperoni. Once the breadstick is almost cool, stuff with the creepy hotdog worms. Now you have creepy witches finger sandwiches.

Eyeball Eggs

Use your favorite deviled eggs recipe, then decorate as follows: spread out three or four thin strings of pimiento for a red, bloodshot look. Use a slice of black olive for the center of the eye and use two small slices of green olive to form a pupil similar to a cat. Let the black olive show through.

Wickedly Grotesque

If your crowd is one that loves an “over the top” party experience, then you simply must try these ideas: Baby Guts In reality, it’s just harmless guacamole (that old party staple) but served up in the carved-out belly of a kewpie doll, it becomes far more grotesque.

Kitty Litter Cake

As the name suggests, it looks like nothing you’d want hanging around your dining room table. But it’s actually fun and delicious. Who dares to dig into first to the kitty litter cake? You can find plenty of recipes for it online, but truly it’s simple to make. Prepare 2 packages of instant vanilla pudding and chill. Bake a vanilla sheet cake and a chocolate sheet cake and crumble the cooled cakes together into a bowl. In a separate bowl, crumble an entire package of vanilla wafer cookies. Set aside about a 1/4 cup of the crumbled cookies and a few drops of green food coloring and mix well. Add about half the uncolored cookies and most of the pudding to the bowl with the cake crumbles, and mix together. (Mixture should be moist, not soggy.)

Serve in a clean kitty litter pan. Top the cake and pudding mixture with the remaining cookie crumbs, the green cookie sprinkles and a few unwrapped, microwave-softened tootsie rolls.